COD: Warzone & Vanguard M1916 Guide – Best Loadout for the M1916

Yep, you heard right. They added -another- gun.

The M1916 is one of the new guns introduced in the Season 3 Classified Arms update for both Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone. Although it is not an overpowered gamechanger or even really that strong, it is still a good addition to your arsenal. This Marksman Rifle is arguably the best of its type due to versatility. The gun features a standard single shot, accustomed to all Marksman Rifles, but can also be modified for semi-auto or full-auto modes. Even more impressive is its range and accuracy in any of the three firing modes. The versatility makes it great for players who generally shy away from this gun type, while Marksman Rifle lovers are going to be head over heels with this newest addition.

How to Unlock The M1916

The M1916 is unlocked as part of Season 3’s Battle Pass. It is a free reward unlocked at tier 15. After the season ends, the gun will still be unlockable by completing a yet to be available challenge.

Why The M1916?

The M1916 boasts some of the most impressive range and accuracy stats in the game so far. As a Marksman Rifle, its recoil pattern is predictable, even in full-auto builds, but can be difficult to control. While a full-auto M1916 can tear through enemies, the standard fire is enough to take down anyone at just about any range. Damage multipliers to the chest makes this an easy two shot kill against non-armored enemies. You’ll be able to push your opponent’s positions by tagging them from a distance and then moving in for the kill, if you haven’t finished them off already. With the right build, the M1916 is a deadly primary choice with some unparalleled flexibility.

Best M1916 Attachments

  • Muzzle – Mercury Silencer
  • Barrel – ZP 762mm Precision
  • Optic – Slate Reflector OR G16 2.5x
  • Stock – ZP M502 Custom
  • Underbarrel – M1941 Hand Stop
  • Magazine – None
  • Ammo Type – Hollow Point
  • Rear Grip – Stippled Grip
  • Perk – Quickscope
  • Kit – Fully Loaded

This M1916 build focuses on upping the stats that the base gun is already good in, namely accuracy, while also increasing important stats around ADS time, sprint to fire time, and time to kill. Overall, this is a balanced build that emphasizes mobility, recoil control, and quick kills

For our muzzle we have chosen the Mercury Silencer. The most crucial aspect of using a silencer is that your shots will be hidden from the minimap. Additionally, this silencer gives minor boosts to your accuracy and range. Our barrel selection, the ZP 762mm Precision also increases accuracy and range, making this pairing a no-brainer.

Our optic choice is split between two worthwhile attachments. The Slate Reflector is a more basic sight, good at short to mid-range engagements and viable for longer ranges. The G16 2.5x is adaptable to any distance, though it is more suited for mid-range and longer. Either scope will benefit from our perk choice, Quickscope. This perk increases accuracy for a short time after ADSing. Feel free to experiment with either optic in this build and see which fits your playstyle.

Focusing more on our accuracy and recoil control, the choices for our stock, underbarrel, and rear grip are clear. For a stock, we chose the ZP M502 Custom to increase horizontal recoil control and ADS speed. Our underbarrel choice is the M1941 Hand Stop. This gives us even more recoil control, without negatively affecting ADS speed like other underbarrel choices. For rear grip, go with the Stippled Grip. Still the most effective grip in the game, this rear grip includes even more boosts to accuracy.

You’ll notice that we have gone without a magazine choice. If you must have one, then the 6.5mm Sakura 20 Round Mag is recommended; however, we feel a magazine selection is not necessary as our ammo type will do the heavy lifting. The most important part of this build is Hollow Point, which guarantees two shot kills to any part of the body. Now, not only will you be hitting two-shots to the chest thanks to the M1916’s body multiplier, you’ll even be hitting them to their toes and fingers. Along with that, we recommend Fully Loaded for your kit, as we aren’t taking a higher round magazine and sniper bullets can be hard to come by.

As for your perks, I like to use E.O.D. to protect myself from explosives, Ghost to stay off enemy UAVs, and Combat Scout to track enemies you’re shooting. Like the optics, there is some flexibility in the Perks, so make sure to experiment and pick ones that suit your playstyle.

Why Not The M1916?

The number one issue with the M1916 is the fact that it is a Marksman Rifle. The gun type is plagued by two very important stat deficiencies. The first is the relatively slower fire rate when compared to other gun types. A full-auto M1916 build mitigates that somewhat; however, it would still be better to stick with an Assault Rifle or SMG for the quicker fire rate. The second problem is the poor bullet velocity. Bullet Velocity dictates the amount of time it takes for a bullet to reach an enemy. So you’ll need to lead your shots if your enemies are 30 meters or further away and moving; compared to a Sniper Rifle that requires much less leading. Again, these are issues with the Marksman Rifle class overall and not just the M1916’s faults.

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