COD: Warzone Akimbo Guide – How to Unlock Akimbo Guns in Warzone

So you want to embrace your inner action movie hero and dual wield pistols in Call of Duty: Warzone? The hottest craze in Infinity Ward’s battle royale, Akimbo weapons, has proven to be exceptionally deadly. Capable of blasting through an armored opponent in seconds, this weapon variation has skyrocketed in popularity since the mode’s release. However, obtaining Akimbo weapons is a lengthy experience, especially if you haven’t purchased the base version of Modern Warfare. Exclusively for sidearms, you cannot dual wield any other weapon in the game outside of pistols. Here’s how to unlock Akimbo for every available weapon in Warzone.

How to Unlock Akimbo

Obtaining Akimbo weapons is slightly different for every sidearm. You will need to first unlock a designated perk for that gun and then get a certain amount of kills while that perk is active. This is easiest to do in Modern Warfare’s core multiplayer since you won’t need to worry about armored opponents. Additionally, weapons such as the Desert Eagle and revolver will drop a foe in one hit if you shoot them in the head.

  • 1911 – While using Mo’ Money (Unlocked at Level 27) get three kills in five different matches.
  • X16 – While using Sleight of Hand (Unlocked at Level 20) get three kills in five different matches.
  • .357 – While using Recon (Unlocked at Level 34) get three kills in five different matches.
  • M19 – While using Frangible-Healing (Unlocked at Level 6) get three kills in five different matches.
  • .50 GS – While using FMJ (Unlocked at Level 37) get three kills in five different matches.
  • Renetti – While using Mo Money (Unlocked at Level 36) get three kills in five different matches.

Of the five, we suggest going for the .357 or .50 GS if you are serious about rocking Akimbo weapons. These have the most stopping power, allowing you to rapidly dispatch fully armored foes in close quarters. To level these weapons up, make good use of Double XP tokens and Happy Hour regiment boosts to increase the amount of XP you gain. Additionally, the Shoot the Ship playlist is returning tomorrow which is essentially a bunch of very tiny maps that make leveling up your guns super easy.

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After you unlock the perks needed above, all you have to do is get three kills across five different matches. This is extremely easy, especially since you don’t have to win or even land headshots. I had the most success in Ground War and the Hardcore playlist since people are either unaware of their surroundings or are easily killed. It shouldn’t take much time at all when you are actually on this step. Once unlocked, you can simply equip them to your loadout of choice via the Akimbo perk.

Remember, Akimbo weapons are close-range weapons, so try to balance this out with a nice assault rifle such as the M41A or M13. I’ve also seen Akimbo pistols run with sniper and marksman rifles, but you’ll need to be confident in your aim for this to succeed.

Sure it’s no endless barrage of RPGs, but Akimbo weapons are easily one of the best loadout options in all of Warzone.