COD Warzone Rebirth Island – How Respawning Works in Resurgence

The second Call of Duty: Warzone map is finally here and it’s a throwback to the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Alcatraz map. Dubbed  “Rebirth Island,” this level is much smaller than Verdansk, focusing on more intimate, chaotic moments. Boasting a lot of verticality and closed spaces, teams that preferred to just sit back and snipe may have a tougher time in this mode. Currently available via the Resurgence game mode, Rebirth Island handles respawning a little differently than Verdansk. This can lead to some confusion, especially if you were expecting to go to the Gulag after you die. Here’s how respawning works in Resurgence mode so you can bring your teammates back from the dead.

How to Respawn on Rebirth Island

To start, there is no Gulag for players to go to when they die. You won’t need to fight another player to make it back into the match. Instead, Resurgence is all about wiping an entire squad before their teammates can respawn and parachute onto the map. When you die, your surviving allies will have a 20-second timer appear that begins to countdown. If it reaches zero before your entire squad is wiped, then that dead player will respawn with no gear besides a pistol. They can then fly down to their team or anywhere else on the island. If your teammates manage to get kills they will reduce the respawn timer of anyone who is dead.

This will keep going until you hit around the third or fourth ring, which is when this respawn mechanic is entirely disabled. Because of this, the opening moments of Rebirth Island are always chaotic, as players will frequently end up dying while hunting down loot. Thankfully, loot boxes will refill after a short time, so you won’t need to entirely rely on scraps when battling other teams. Coordinating and securing full team wipes is the key to victory, along with getting your loadout early on.

To help with this, whenever you kill an enemy the rest of their team will be revealed on your mini-map. Use this to swiftly take them down before their ally returns to the map. Additionally, if you’re flying in you’ll have slightly higher damage resistance; mainly to avoid being shot out of the air by enemies trying to camp those spawning in. Success in Resurgence Mode entirely depends on managing your squad, their respawns, and being able to take out enemies quickly.

I recommend bringing loadouts that revolve around SMGs, assault rifles, and shotguns with the dragon’s breath attachment. There are some decent sniping sightlines, but with so many structures you’ll often find yourself battling indoors. A Heartbeat Sensor is also terrific in this mode since so many people won’t be running Ghost or Cold Blooded. You won’t have to contend with as many UAVs, mainly because enemies will either lack the cash or just don’t have the time to run to a store. Rebirth Island’s contained nature makes it very easy for players to collapse on teams spending too much time around the store.

Currently, this is the only way to play Rebirth Island, but hopefully, this map gets a more traditional battle royale mode in the future.