COD Warzone Season 5 Guide – How to Beat the Mastery Challenges

Have you ever wanted to flex on your opponents and show them how much of a badass you are in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Warzone mode? Well, thankfully there’s a new way you can let everyone know who to watch out for. Mastery Challenges are unique tasks that will test your skills, timing, and ability to secure wins in any of the Warzone modes. Completing these challenges will reward users with unique Calling Cards that play a special animation. Several of these challenges have multiple tiers, meaning the better you do the more elaborate the Calling Card is.

How to Beat Every Mastery Challenge

There are a total of eight Mastery Challenges, three of which have five different Calling Card variations. Before we breakdown some strategies for unlocking the more weird Mastery Challenges, here’s a brief overview of what you need to do for all eight.

  • Battle Royale Victories
    • Last One Standing – 1 Victory
    • Firefight  – 10 Victories
    • Down the Sights – 50 Victories
    • Highrise – 200 Victories
    • Strike Through – 300 Victories
  • Warzone Plunder Victories
    • Higher Ground – 1 Victory
    • Pick Your Spot – 10 Victories
    • Long Way Down – 50 Victories
    • Out the Back – 200 Victories
    • Down the Hatch – 300 Victories
  • Warzone Vicotires (Battle Royale & Plunder)
    • Enemies Above – 5 Victories
    • Behind You – 25 Victories
    • The City Below – 100 Victories
    • Light ‘Em Up – 300 Victories
    • Falling With Style – 400 Victories
  • Immortal Contract Squad – Complete your fifth Contract in a single match with all team members still alive
  • Broken Arrow – Kill two or more enemies with an air strike or cluster strike targeted within ten meters of yourself, and survive.
  • C4 Vehicle Multi-Kill – Kill three or more enemies at once with C4 that is attached to a moving vehicle.
  • Ghostride the Whip – Kill three or more enemies with a few seconds of leaving a moving vehicle’s driver seat.
  • Superhero Kill – Score a match-ending kill with an execution.

For the victories, this will eventually come with time as you play more of Call of Duty’s Warzone mode. While Plunder is a little more forgiving since so many players don’t focus on the objective, it’s still going to be a grind regardless. Perhaps the easiest of these Mastery Challenges is Immortal Contract Squad, as you only need to beat five Contracts before the match is over. I recommend landing in an area that is far away from the circle to ensure you can easily complete them. Focus on Contracts that require you to open up Supply Boxes or Recon specific areas.

Both of the vehicle challenges are pretty tricky, as you need opponents to all be clumped together. I recommend doing this on Plunder, as users are far less observant of moving vehicles than in the battle royal mode. Plus, you can use a teammate to drive the car and sacrifice themselves so they can ensure the C4 goes off next to your targets. Since you can respawn in Plunder, losing someone isn’t a big deal and won’t drastically impact your squad. Ghostride the Whip is a little harder since you’ll need to find people to even jump out and kill. I suggest using an armored truck for this to ensure you won’t actually die on the drive towards your enemies.

COD Warzone Mastery Challenges

Superhero Kill may sound difficult, but with some coordination with your teammates, it’s easily achievable. Once you make it to the final two teams, have your squad pin the enemy behind cover and use Stun Grenades to keep them from running. Quickly run behind your target while they are immobilized and let execute a finisher. Another method is to down someone and let them Self-Revive so you can perform a finishing move when they stand up.

Finally, Broken Arrow is pretty much the toughest of them all. There’s so much that needs to go right to actually complete this challenge. If you are serious about unlocking it, I recommend using this during the last few circles when teams are trying to rotate at once. Take cover and call it in near or right on your position. With a bit of luck, you’ll hit multiple enemies trying to make their way to safety. Remember, they don’t have to be apart of the same team, so try to target high traffic areas.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Season 5 is officially live on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.