COD: Warzone Know Your History Guide – How to Beat Know Your History

After weeks of speculation, gossip, and teasers, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has officially been revealed. Too many this won’t be a surprise, as developer Treyarch mailed an old projector to CharlieIntel and other influencers with slides that teased the game’s announcement. Once the puzzle was solved, a teaser video was released that was just a mash-up of real-world footage from that era. Following this trailer, a variety of leaks were posted on social media hinting at the game’s story, setting, mechanics, and gameplay. Thankfully, some of our questions were answered during Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s reveal.

Taking inspiration from Fortnite, the latest trailer for Cold War was actually revealed in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Warzone lobby. While many assumed it was going to be an in-game event (possibly tied to a nuclear bomb detonating) what actually took place was a bit of a mess. Instead of just a trailer appearing, most players had to back out of the game entirely only to then relaunch it. This put users into a lengthy sever queue that forced them to wait as new shaders were installed. However, for those that made it to the Warzone lobby they’d find a new playlist ominously titled “Know Your History.”

How to Complete Know Your History Mode

When you load up Know Your History a few things will become immediately apparent to any Warzone veteran. First, you will be able to pick your loadout, so select one with a nice balance of close and medium-range since that’s where most of your fights will be. Second, respawns are enabled and all of the map locations will have black strikes through them. You’ll also get visual “glitches” tied to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War that sporadically appear throughout the match. Finally, there will be four tasks given to you that you’ll need to complete under the match’s time limit to earn exclusive rewards.

Collect the Map Codes

The first step of your quest tasks you will finding five map codes that will give you the location of a vault. These map codes are acquired by either opening loot boxes or killing opponents roaming around the map. The former is a much easier method, especially if you want to just enjoy the weirdness of this event. I recommend picking a point of interest that’s some distance from the plane’s initial trajectory or any area where a helicopter has spawned. Just keep opening up loot crates or slaying enemies until you’ve obtained five map codes.

Secure the Key

Now that you’ve earned the codes, you’ll need to secure a key that appears on your map and HUD. Once this yellow icon appears, chart a course to this location and pick up the key when you arrive. Only one person needs to grab the key to complete this mission step. Additionally, use this key to open up the vault in front of you to earn some nice, high tier loot.

Crack the Map Code

After you have the key, an area will be marked on your map to search. The location you need to go to appears to be random, so open up your map and head towards the yellow circle. Once you arrive, I recommend splitting up and start searching any building where a loot box would normally spawn. You’re looking for a black and yellow loot box that isn’t glowing but can still be opened. Mine was found in the attic of a small two-story house, but this could be different for you. Similar to the key, the step will complete when anyone in your squad interacts with the box and picks up the map code.

COD Warzone Know Your History

Wield the Weapon

You’ll now be tasked with wielding a weapon, but no more markers will appear on your map. Instead, look at the map coordinates listed under your timer. Head to this location (which will now have its name visible on your map) and split up once again. You’re looking for the NPC Frank Woods, who will be standing around holding a weapon for you to pick up. Mine was just hanging out in the corner of a first-floor apartment building, but I suspect his location is different for every squad. Speaking to him will reward you with not only a new blueprint, but a special variant of the SKS called the Bay of Pigs.

Run For It!

After the cutscene plays, your squad will be spread out around Stadium with no gear, weapons, or armor. When this happens, just run for the stadium and ignore anyone around you. We won’t spoil what happens next, but if you cannot be asked to actually go through with all of this just click on the link, here.

One final thing to note, there are Call of Duty Zombie-esc Mystery Boxes hidden throughout the map that will reward a random weapon if found! Keep your eyes open for them as you’re exploring the different points of interest!