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COD Warzone Outbreak Event Guide - How to Unlock Gray Matter & Teal Drop

A new season of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has released. Along with new operators, weapons, multiplayer maps, and balance changes, the beloved Warzone game mode has also received some alterations. This comes in the form of new Points of Interest (POI), zombies, and another collection of event challenges for players to complete. Those who battle through the new Outbreak Challenges will earn the Gray Matter & Teal Drop blueprints. However, actually beating these challenges is a tricky task, not only because you’re required to play both Warzone and the new Outbreak zombies map.

How to Get the Gray Matter & Teal Drop

To obtain both blueprints you will need to complete every challenge in the Outbreak Event tab. Each blueprint is tied to a specific game mode, meaning only beating the Warzone challenges rewards you with Teal Drop, while the Outbreak challenges offer Gray Matter. So if you want both, you’ll need to hop between Black Ops Cold War’s zombies and Warzone.

Thankfully, Treyarch has made both the multiplayer and Outbreak mode free to everyone until March 4. Because of this, if you don’t own Cold War you should prioritize all Outbreak Challenges first and then go for the Warzone ones. This will alleviate some of the pressure. Below I have broken up the challenges by game mode so you can easily track which ones you need to do.

Warzone – Teal Drop

  • Kill 10 zombies with headshots – Even Closer (Calling Card)
  • Eliminate 20 zombies – Cleaning Supplies (Gun Charm)
  • Use lethal equipment to kill 8 zombies – Strange Emissions (Emblem)
  • Use a vehicle to eliminate 3 zombies – Skull Survivor (Emblem)
  • Eliminate 5 zombies in a single match 3 times – Heads Blazin’ (Sticker)
  • Use a shotgun to eliminate 8 zombies – Crosswalk Chaos (Calling Card)
  • Rapidly kill 2 or more zombies 2 times – Legion Remade (Calling Card)
  • Use pistols to eliminate 8 zombies – Immolation (Emblem)

Outbreak – Gray Matter

  • Successfully exfil 3 times – Gas Mask (Charm)
  • Eliminate 250 zombies – Amigos (Sticker)
  • Eliminate 10 Elite Zombies – Dark Aether (Watch)
  • Open 25 Chests – Grasp for Power (Sticker)
  • Complete 3 world events – Pure Anguish (Charm)
  • Warp 10 times – Sounds of Hell (Calling Card)
  • Eliminate 3 Special Zombies – Augmented Monstrosity (Calling Card)
  • Eliminate 100 zombies with vehicles – Not the Last (Emblem)
  • Complete 10 objectives – Stitched Together (Charm)

While the Outbreak challenges are easy enough, as you’ll naturally complete them as you keep playing the mode. None of them really ask players to go out of their way outside of getting vehicle kills. However, the Warzone ones will be a bit trickier. This is because everyone and their mom is currently landing at the only point the undead spawn, Shipwreck. Just to the left of Prison, this massive boat is the only place that zombies will spawn. At this location, if you interact with a computer console on the middle floor of the ship the zombies will spawn and attack players on the boat. So long as someone hits the button, the zombies will spawn.  There will be a total of 40 zombies, which is displayed via a counter on your HUD.

When going for some of these challenges for this guide, I noticed that the zombies are typically converging near the broken half of the ship. This is a large loading area where you can drive a car into or lure them out onto the beach. Just remember, the zombies do a decent amount of damage so don’t let yourself become overwhelmed. It’s better to run, gain some distance, and then shoot them. You’ll also need to contend with the hordes of players flocking to the new POI, which is why I suggest the Outbreak challenges first. Give it a few days for everyone’s hype to settle down before you try to murder some zombies.

If you manage to kill the last of the zombies they will reward you with a Yellow Keycard which can unlock a high-tier chest somewhere on the boat. Its location should be highlighted on your screen, letting you easily find it in the ship’s underbelly. Completing each mode’s challenges will reward you with either the Gray Matter or Teal Drop depending on which tasks are completed. You can see which ones are left at any time by visiting the Outbreak Event tab.

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