COD: Warzone Guide – How to Drop Weapons in Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone’s latest major update is now live and it brought a number of changes to this battle royale mode. While the biggest is undoubtedly the new Most Wanted contract, Infinity Ward also made subtle changes to the menus, along with introducing some much-needed quality of life fixes. One of these is the ability to finally drop weapons onto the ground for your allies. A feature that was curiously missing at launch, users can now give their teammates guns, which is especially useful if you’re redeploying and don’t have time to hunt for new gear.

COD Warzone Drop Weapons

How to Drop Weapons

To drop your weapons, open up your inventory, and move the cursor all the way over to the right. You can then select which weapon you want to drop by pressing Y (Xbox One) or Triangle (PS4). Once you know what you’re dropping, hit X (Xbox One)/Square (PS4). This will cause your soldier to drop the gun in front of him, letting either you or someone in your squad grab it. Along with weapons, you can drop Armor and every type of ammo in the game. Equipment, throwables, and any crate purchases such as UAVs cannot be placed on the ground at the time of writing this.

This feature is especially useful near the late game when resources are scarce and everyone is rocking their loadout. Being able to give your teammate a crate weapon will certainly give you a better chance at victory. Just make sure to do this behind cover, since you don’t want to be shot at while frantically trying to give someone else a gun!

More Call of Duty: Warzone

Along with this addition, players can now collect the Most Wanted contracts in Trios and Quads. Unlike Bounty contracts – which have been made exclusive to Plunder and Solos – the person who picks this up will become hunted by the entire lobby. If you manage to survive the five-minute timer you will not only receive a hefty amount of cash and XP, but your entire team will respawn. It doesn’t matter if you have the cash or whether they lost their Gulag match, completing this bounty will instantly redeploy your team.

The Bruen Mk9 was also introduced in this update, which is a new LMG that requires you to complete a rather tedious quest. To unlock the gun you’ll need to kill three enemies that are near smoke across 15 different matches with an LMG. Obviously this is easier said than done, especially if you exclusively play Warzone. There are also some new cosmetic items and you can now mix and match blueprint attachments to give your weapon a unique look.

Now get out there and start wearing some victories in Warzone!