Call of Duty: Warzone Bunker Guide – All 11 Bunker Locations

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s next major update dropped today, so it’s time to start treasure hunting because the mysterious 11 bunkers are finally open! Unlocked via a Red Access Keycard, these bunkers are scattered throughout the entirety of Warzone’s massive map and contain a tone of high tier loot for players to collect. However, getting to these bunkers will typically require a vehicle since they’re on the edges of the map and usually not near any major Points of Interest. Thankfully, the actual bunker locations are pretty easy to find, especially if you don’t land in the middle of the map.

Additionally, we believe that some of these bunkers may be connected to one another, just with different entrances. Both Bunkers 2 and 3, and Bunkers 7 and 8 are literally across from one another, which could suggest that these have multiple ways to the loot below. Keep in mind, we have read reports of players claiming Bunkers 3 and 7 could not be opened with keycards. Consider visiting another one first, before trying these locations. To open these bunkers, you will need a Red Access Card which can be acquired by opening up any loot box on the map. It doesn’t come just from high tier loot boxes, so keep an eye out for this key item.

Once you have it, you can try visiting one of the eleven bunkers below to see if your card opens it.

(Author’s Note: After doing some more testing, it appears that the Red Acces Keycard only opens the bunkers that don’t require you to go down any stairs or ladders. So Bunkers 4, 5, 6, and 9 should be the first ones you go to. We are still leaving the additional bunker locations up since this could be a bug. 

Finally, the photos of the bunker locations are above the number not below.)

Bunker 1 Location

You can find the first bunker in the hills to the southwest of Boneyard. It’s just off the main road so this is a great one to visit if you find a keycard in Boneyard, Train Station, or either of the Promenades. When you arrive, go down the stairs and you’ll see the bunker door at the end of the hallway.

Bunker 2 & 3 Locations

Bunkers 2 and 3 can be found to the northwest of Boneyard and the Southwest of Storage Town. The first of these two is next to the long concrete structure and is embedded into the cliffside. You can find Bunker 3 a few meters north of Bunker 2 in the larger building on the hillside. When you enter, go to the right, down the ladder, and then down the stairs to find the doorway.

Bunker 4 Location

Bunker 4 is to the southwest of Dam near the small power buildings at the end of the main road. The entrance is embedded a few meters above these structures in the cliffside. There’s no building you need to enter, as the door will be right in front of you.

COD Warzone Bunker 5 Location

Bunker 5 Location

The fifth bunker is south of Military Base just beyond the elevated structures near the large radio tower. Similar to Bunker 4, the entrance is jutting out of the cliffs so it’s pretty difficult to miss. Just look for the door with the massive bars across it and the keypad on the side.

COD Warzone Bunker 6 Location

Bunker 6 Location

Out in the middle of nowhere, Bunker 6 is to the southeast of Quarry. Head towards that tiny bridge near the death drop and follow it south until you reach them otherwise. You’ll see the bunker against the cliffs near one of the dirt roads. This one is ideal if you land at Quarry or Lumber, but we strongly recommend bringing a vehicle since it’s really out of the way.

Bunker 7 & 8 Locations

Another pair of bunkers right next to one another, Bunker 7 and 8 can be found to the northeast of Stadium. Near the edge of a small town, both bunkers have nearly the exact same layout as 2 & 3. Bunker 7 is in the smaller concrete building, while Bunker 8 is in the large structure and requires you to go down a ladder to reach the door.

Bunker 9 Location

Directly northwest of Prison, you can find the ninth bunker along the cliffside at the end of the road. This will be on the opposite end of the bridge leading to Prison and is the closest bunker to a Point of Interest. We suspect this will be one of the most popular Bunkers since there are a ton of loot boxes in this area.

Bunker 10 Location

Another out of the way bunker, you can find the tenth vault to the southeast of Port near that large circular structure that sometimes has a Buy Station near it. Take the main road until you see the bunker entrance along the cliffside. This is the only good bunker to visit that’s not going to take a long journey if you land in Downtown. Just be prepared to fight, since a lot of teams love to drop around this location.

Bunker 11 Location

The final bunker is northwest of Military Base in the snowy hills. Passed the large firehouse and in the cliffs, this one isn’t always easy to reach. When you arrive, look for the bunker entrance among the cliffs at the top of a small hill. You should see the large door next to some wooden crates.

Which bunker you decide to go to is completely up to you, however, we suggest avoiding Bunkers 4, 9, and 10 since these are near very active Points of Interest. Your safest method of raiding a vault unharmed is by taking a helicopter or vehicle to one of the bunkers along the outer edges of the map. These structures are worth visiting, even in the late game since they can provide a ton of resources and even valuable killstreaks.

Now get out there and start plundering for riches, soldier!