COD Warzone Contract Guide – Are Bounty Contracts Gone?

A new update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare dropped early this morning and it made some changes to the Warzone game mode. With the introduction of a new weapon, faster-moving circles, and a new contract, Infinity Ward is definitely trying to shake up some aspects of the gameplay. This shake-up also affected the Bounty contract which has been completely removed from the popular Trios and Quads variant. Now with Most Wanted taking its spot, some players were left wondering if the Bounty contract was removed completely. Thankfully, this isn’t the case as you still have two modes you can complete this contract in.

Bounty Contract Location

You can find Bounty Contracts in both the Solos and Plunder game mode. Since the Most Wanted contract has no real value here, players can pick up Bounty instead to help them complete necessary XP challenges. Nothing has mechanically has changed about the Bounty contract since it’s removal from Trios and Quads. You still have three minutes to either kill or survive a specific enemy team that is hunting you. If you managed to outlive or kill the designated target then you’ll earn some money and XP.

Keep in mind, when a target is afflicted with the Bounty contract their general position will be given away by a big yellow circle on the map. The closer the hunting party gets to your location the higher your threat meter will raise on the Bounty status report. This contract is great for Solos since it can give you a general idea of where someone is located, so you know whether to avoid or attack them.

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As for Trios and Quad players, you’re out of luck for now since Most Wanted has replaced this contract. It’s completely possible that Infinity Ward reimplements Bounty back into these variants, but for now you’re out of luck. Instead, Most Wanted places a five-minute timer on the team that picks it up and will essentially give the exact position away of the designated target to the entire lobby. That person will have a crown over their head and can be easily located on the map.

If you survive the five-minute timer you’ll earn a solid amount of cash and instantly re-deploy all your teammates even if they’ve lost their Gulag. This makes it a terrific mid to late game contract since it will let you use your cash on other items such as Self Revive Kits, Supply Drops, or UAVs. Just make sure to pick a good spot to defend or use a vehicle like a helicopter to keep on the move. People will go hunting for those trying to complete the Most Wanted bounty, so don’t expect to avoid a firefight!