COD Warzone Best SMG Guide – What’s the Best SMG for Warzone

Submachine guns are perhaps the most popular weapon archetype in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Warzone mode. Their low time to kill, coupled with their typically minimal recoil makes them ideal for any short-range engagement. Given breaching and battling inside structures is such a huge part of this mode, SMGs typically compliment any assault rifle or sniper loadout. However, there are a lot of SMGs and they all aren’t created equal inside of the current meta. This doesn’t make them unusable, simply that some are far more viable than others.

Here are the best SMGs in Call of Duty: Warzone:

Best SMG in Warzone – Honorable Mentions


A popular choice for both multiplayer and Warzone, the P90 is a solid close-quarters weapon that can deal a lot of damage at point-blank range. Superb at quickly ripping apart an opponent’s armor, the P90’s comp[act design makes it easy to use in structures or other confined locations. Where it stumbles is the range department, as its damage drop off is quite noticeable – especially when you go beyond 15ish meters. The gun is also not especially versatile outside of just quickly eliminating someone at close-range. It’s not great for harassing enemies, suppressing their position, or even taking down multiple foes. It’s just a slightly above average dueling weapon.


I’m adding the Fennec only because it’s a pet gun of mine. Similar to the MP7, the Fennec is a fast-firing SMG that’s great between the 15-20 meter range. The gun is pretty much on par with the MP5 when it comes to TTK (time to kill), especially in those shorter engagement distances. A lot of this is thanks to the MP5’s nerf some time ago, which made it less of a monster at the 20-30 meter range. Why the Fennec is only an honorable mention is due to the gun’s recoil and low ADS (aim down sights) speed. Even with various attachments to reduce the ADS time, using the biggest magazine and suppressor still hinders it from having a very snappy feeling. Because of this, you’ll want to get comfortable hip firing the gun if someone jumps you during a fight.

COD Warzone Best Attachments MP7


One of the most popular weapons in Warzone, the MP7 is used a lot due to its almost non-existent recoil and high rate of fire. If you run any magazine extended on this SMG, you can swiftly take someone down and still have ammo to spare. The gun is very easy to use, which makes it one of the best low skill weapons in Warzone since you really don’t need to worry about kick or staying on target. This is an excellent weapon that has perpetually been the second-best SMG in the entire game. Perhaps if the MP5 is hit with a few more nerfs it may earn the title of being the best choice.

COD Warzone Fennec Best Attachments

The Best SMG in Warzone


Unsurprising to anyone who plays a lot of Warzone, the MP5 is still an absolute monster. This SMG can rapidly dispose of enemies who are fully armored with ease. Boasting a predictable recoil pattern, low TTK, and solid range, the MP5 has been a staple of almost any balanced loadout. The attachments for the gun are also superb, allowing for a lot of flexibility for how you use this gun. It’s iron sights are very easy to use and the MP5 can outgun most weapons within a 0-25 meter range. If you are playing Warzone you will need to expect fighting against this gun. Always make sure you have a good close-quarters option since the MP5 doesn’t even need to headshot enemies to drop them quickly.