COD: Modern Warfare Bruen Mk9 Guide – How to Unlock the Bruen Mk9

Who’s ready for an extra tedious quest to unlock a new gun?

This morning developer Infinity Ward released a new update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that includes some changes to the Warzone game mode, cosmetic items, and the new Mk9 Bruen light machinegun. Locked at first, players will need to complete a generally straightforward, if obnoxious quest to gain access to this light machinegun. Currently, this is the only way to unlock the gun
(without paying real money) and you’ll definitely not want to try to obtain this gun in Warzone unless you’re a glutton for punishment.

How to Unlock the Bruen Mk9

To unlock the Buren Mk9 you need to kill three players who are near smoke with an LMG across 15 different matches. This means you need a total of 45 kills of enemies that are either in smoke or roughly a meter near smoke. If this sounds annoying then you would be correct. Remember, you need to kill three enemies near smoke for it to count towards your overall progress. Since the relative distance, someone needs to be near smoke is a little difficult to judge on the fly, I suggest trying to get 4-5 just to be safe.

For this, you will obviously need smoke grenades and I strongly recommend running Restock to get them back during a match.  Consider carrying a Munitions Box as well, just so you can get even more smoke grenades since these pretty much define the entire mission. Personally, I liked using the M91 with a Thermal Optic for this challenge, since I could just throw a smoke grenade in a wildly contested area and blast enemies apart from a safe distance. Remember, you don’t have to be in the smoke, only your enemies so don’t go charging in if you have the means to kill them from cover.

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If you don’t have a Thermal Optic, then throw caution to the wind and flood an area with smoke. If you’re lucky you can just hip fire the LMG and kill people trying to pass through. The returning Shoot the Ship playlist is absolutely perfect for unlocking this gun since it’s a bunch of small, tightly confined maps. Plus, you can also use other people’s smoke to gain some progress. Just try to predict where the enemy will be coming from and then throw your smoke down so you can quickly take down a few people. Make sure to wait a second or two because the smoke takes time to release!

Finally, you can purchase the Bruen Mk9 in the shop for 1,200 CP. This is a little over $10 USD and is the unideal method for obtaining it. If you own the base version of Modern Warfare, just grinding out 15 matches is a much less painful method.

After you complete this quest you will unlock the Bruen Mk9 and can use it in both regular multiplayer and Warzone.