COD Modern Warfare JAK-12 Guide – How to Unlock the JAK-12

A new update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare released today and it sneakily dropped a new weapon for players to unlock. The JAK-12 shotgun is now available in-game, but it will require a bit of leg work if you want to add this gun to your collection. Affectionally called the AA-12 by the community due to its similar design and style, the JAK-12 is an automatic shotgun that can shred through foes in seconds. Here’s how to unlock this new weapon and add it to your arsenal.

How to Unlock the JAK-12

To unlock the JAK-12, you will need to perform three hip fire kills in fifteen different matches. This means every match you’re in with a shotgun you’ll need to get three kills without aiming down the sights. For those keeping count, this is a total of 45 hip fire kills you’ll have to achieve to obtain this gun. With the Hills and Kills playlist rotating out, along with no easy access to small maps like Rust or Shipment, your best bet is regular Domination or Team Deathmatch. You can use any shotgun you want, along with any attachments available for those guns. After you secure three hip fire kills, you can quit the match and load up a new one. Completing the fifteen matches is not a requirement for unlocking the JAK-12.

When playing, I recommend being either hyper-aggressive or defensive. Hip fire kills can be quite easy, but with so many people using submachine guns or assault rifles, closing the gap will be your biggest challenge. Try to always flank enemies or strike when they are distracted to ensure you can land each shot. Always aim for the center of mass, as this will maximize your damage so you can quickly 1-2 shot anyone you come across in the regular multiplayer mode.

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For those who only own Warzone, it’s time to dive into Plunder with your favorite shotgun. This will be a lot trickier since you’ll need to contend with armor and the majority of players that enjoy fighting at the 30-40 meter range. Stick to areas like Downtown, Lumber, Airport, and the lower section of Dam where there are a ton of confined spaces. You’ll also need to consider that your enemies are wearing armor, which will make them much harder to kill. Because of this, consider breaking someone’s armor first, before rushing or swapping to a shotgun for the final blow. Only the kill shot needs to be a hipfire shotgun kill,  how you achieve it is completely irrelevant to the challenge.

Stun Grenades will be your best friend for this challenge. Not only do they disorientate, but they drastically slow down the afflicted player’s moves. This makes it easy to get close to someone so you can secure a kill without any real threat of dying. Just make sure to not aim down the sights, otherwise, you won’t make any progress towards unlocking the JAK-12!