COD Black Ops Cold War Ballistic Knife Guide – How to Unlock the Ballistic Knife

Season Three of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is officially live and it’s introducing new maps, changes to Warzone’s Verdansk, Operators, and firearms. Of course, what most players care about are which new weapons they can unlock and wreak havoc with. While both the PPSh-41 and Swiss K31 are tied to the battle pass, you will need to actually put in some work if you want the Ballistic Knife. Hidden behind a challenge, this is one of the more difficult challenges offered — especially if you don’t use sniper rifles or melee weapons.

Here’s how to unlock this weapon and add it to your collection:

How to Get the Ballistic Knife

To unlock the Ballistic Knife you need to secure a One Shot, One Kill medal and a melee kill in the same life. This needs to be done fifteen times across fifteen different matches. Meaning once you achieve the goal above in a game, you will wait until the next match to make progress towards this challenge. Keep in mind, you don’t have to finish the match for your progress to count. So once you get your melee kill and One Shot, One Kill medal you can just leave and begin looking for a new game. Keep in mind, there is no other way to unlock this weapon so you’ll need to do a bit of grinding if you want this gun… knife. Black Ops Cold War Ballistic Knife

For this challenge, I recommend going to Nuke Town 24/7. Now, this may seem like an odd choice given how chaotic it is, but that chaos can be really beneficial if you’re struggling for a melee kill. When the match starts, use a sniper rifle to secure a kill and then equip your melee weapon. Additionally, I recommend running smoke grenades so you can flood the middle with smoke, allowing you to run up on someone before they can react. All you need is a single melee kill after getting that medal, so it’s okay to play it slow to ensure you secure the kill.

Just remember if you die before both objectives are achieved, you’ll need to start all over again. Yamantau 24/7 is also a good place to try and get this since the map is new to Cold War. This means everyone is still learning the level layout, offering you some advantage to sneak up and stab someone before they can react.

The method of your melee kill doesn’t matter, so feel free to either use a dedicated melee weapon or just the back of your gun. Personally, I preferred the former since you’ll get a big speed boost allowing you to close the gap. Some perks to consider using as well include Ninja, Tracker, Ghost, Cold Blooded, and Tactical mask if you’re using stun grenades. It may take a few tries, but if you stick with it you should be firing this blade into people’s chests in no time!