Can You Change Appearance in Cyberpunk 2077?

The Cyberpunk 2077 future is all about looking how you want to look right? Replace your jaw with some cybernetics, change your eye color, do whatever the hell you want. If you breezed through character creation, you may be wondering how you can change your hairstyle, beard, or get some plastic surgery done. After all, surely one of these ripper docs can make some simple cosmetic changes for you, right?

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Can You Change Your Appearance in Cyberpunk 2077?

Sadly, the answer is somehow no. Despite that being the entire point of this dystopian future, there’s currently no way to get a haircut or change your facial structure. The same goes for tattoos and body structure. You’re simply out of luck at the moment.

The only appearance related thing that can change depends on which cybernetic enhancements you install. If you upgrade your arms with mantis blades or any of the other metal materials, your V’s arms will change as well.

What Can You Change?

You’ll either look at this as a drawback or a temporary saving grace, but the only way to change your hairstyle is with various headgear. Your hair will one hundred percent change completely depending on what you’re wearing. My character has her hair up in a bun, but if I wear a baseball cap, her hair is suddenly down and shoulder length. If I put on a flat brim hat, it’s suddenly old timey, wavy hair.

Personally? I don’t appreciate it. I made my V how I wanted her to look and the game automatically changing her hair and making her look completely out of character isn’t something I want. But for everyone else who just wants to change things up, it could be good news.

Will Appearance Change Come Eventually?

Probably! Knowing CD Projekt Red this is something they’ll add in a future patch. I wouldn’t hold my breath though. It’s been a rocky launch on consoles and I’m willing to bet the studio’s first priority is getting those titles in a more playable state. It’s also promised a PS5 and Xbox Series X graphical upgrade that will continue coming out in steps so that will also take some attention away from this.

For now, stay tuned. We’ll update this guide if we hear anything from the developers.

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