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Call of Duty: Warzone Secrets of the Pacific Intel Locations

One more round of secrets...

Call of Duty: Warzone sends off its launch map with limited-time events and modes before it formally transports players to the Caldera. Secrets of the Pacific, one of these events, involves a scavenger hunt for intel and rewards for those who find them. It started in late November and ends on December 8, which means players interested in the event don’t have much time left.

Thankfully, we’ve compiled all the locations with a map and images so that you can complete the event as quickly as possible. Here’s how to complete the Secrets of the Pacific event and all of the intel locations.

How to Complete Warzone Secrets of the Pacific Challenges

Players must find the six pieces of intel and hold onto them for a set amount of time between one and four circles to earn Caldera-related rewards. Those who complete all six challenges also receive the Bomber Menace STG44 Blueprint as a bonus reward.

Intel is attached to six specific objects. A prompt to interact with an object should pop up when the player approaches a piece of intel in one of the set locations. A banner with the number of circles you need to survive should follow shortly after. You can only pick up one piece of Intel at a time, so you need to play at least six rounds of Warzone to reap all the rewards. Keep in mind that the event only applies to traditional Battle Royale and not Plunder.

All Warzone Secrets of the Pacific Intel Locations & Rewards

The Secrets of the Pacific tab hints at where to find each piece of intel. Select each reward in the bottom right to see the photographs and descriptions related to the separate challenges. Warzone veterans might already know where to look based on these hints. However, it still might be a hassle to search each location to find the Intel without getting killed.

Here’s the general location for each piece of Intel with numbers based on their order on the event page.

We’ll refer to these pieces of intel based on their challenge name on the event page. Players can also view their checklist of challenges when viewing their map of Verdansk. It automatically checks off the box for the challenge if the player collects that piece of intel and survives the specified number of circle collapses.

1. Warzone Jailbreak Intel Location

Location: Locker Room Inside Prison
Reward: Marina Street Calling Card

Like the name suggests, the “Jailbreak” intel is inside the Prison POI at the bottom right corner of Verdansk. Enter the Gulag-looking building and search for the shower area on the ground level. There should be a bench with a pile of towels and red ping pong paddle next to a row of lockers. Collect the intel from the paddle and survive to earn the Marina Street Calling Card.

2. Warzone On The Air Intel Location

Location: Between Train Station and Promenade West
Reward: Local Radio Emblem

The “On The Air” Intel is inside an electronics shop between the Train Station and Promenade West. It’s one of the more difficult ones to find because it’s not located directly inside a POI but in between two of them. Scope out a white square building between the locations. That’s the electronics shop, which should have a standing microphone waiting next to the wall. Collect from the microphone to earn the Local Radio Emblem.

3. Warzone Fast Food Intel Location

Location: Restaurant Inside Airport
Reward: Volcanic Souvenir Charm

The “Fast Food” intel is located at the Russian fast food joint inside the Airport. One of the easiest ways to enter is to drop on the roof of the building, though you can also enter through other means. The restaurant seating area has tables and chairs spread over the floor and a promotional banner on the wall. Interact with the black cash register on the left side of the counter and survive long enough to collect the Volcanic Souvenir Charm.

4. Warzone On Your Feet Intel Location

Location: Operating Table in Hospital
Reward: Naval Plan Sticker

The “On Your Feet” intel is inside the Hospital on the first floor of the main building — the largest one in the complex. Enter through the bottom and search the halls for operating rooms until you find one with a blue first aid kit on top of one of the stretchers. Interact with the kit and outlast a circle or two to earn the Naval Plan Sticker.

5. Warzone Abandoned Intel location

Location: Mines
Reward: Familiar Machinery Spray

The “Abandoned” intel is hidden in the mines toward the edge of the map. Mineshafts have finally opened up, allowing players to scour the site for the fifth piece of Intel. Drop into the mining area on the map and head to the building farthest to the west. There should be an entrance to the mineshaft below it.

Travel over the tracks into the mines until it comes to a point where you can jump off the left and right sides. Head to the right of the room to find a lone box of explosives next to an oil can. Interact with the box to claim the Familiar Machinery Spray.

6. Warzone Secrets Intel Location

Location: One of the WWII Bunkers at Boneyard, Airport, and Array
Reward: Hospital Resort Calling Card

The “Secrets” Intel can be found inside the World War II bunkers at the Boneyard, Airport, and Array. We found the intel at the Boneyard. However, the intel apparently spawns in one of the bunkers at random, so rotate to the other bunkers if you don’t find it at first.

Access the bunkers through one of the red shipping containers at the Boneyard, Airport, and Array. Once inside, check the counters for a collection of battleship figurines and interact with them. After that, all you need to do is survive the specified number of circles to unlock the Hospital Resort Calling Card. Be careful not to overlook the intel in the dim lighting!

The Secrets of the Pacific event ends at 11:59 pm EST on December 8. This event, along with the in-depth Call of Duty blog post, are the closest non-Vanguard players will get to a sneak peek before the official release. Call of Duty: Vanguard players get early access to the Caldera on the same day. Everyone else needs to wait until December 9 to explore the new island.

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