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Vanguard Attack on Titan Guide - How to Get the Levi Ackerman Skin


Die Hard, Scream, and Donnie Darko are only a few of the recent collaborations hosted in Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone. But if that wasn’t enough, Attack on Titan now joins the fray with an ambitious yet dubious presentation. In case you’re curious, here’s how you can access the Vanguard Attack on Titan content, which includes a Levi Ackerman skin amidst other goodies.

How to Get the Levi Ackerman Skin – Vanguard Attack on Titan Crossover

To clarify right off the bat: the Attack on Titan collab with Vanguard and Warzone is paid. The Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan — Levi Edition Bundle will become available on January 20 via the in-game store for 2,400 COD Points, which equals $19.99.

What do 20 bucks get you? Here’s the full list:

  • Legendary Operator skin for Daniel: Survey Corps
  • Legendary weapon blueprints: Historia (for the Sten SMG), Ymir Curse (for the Volk Assault Rifle), Titan Piercer (for the Katana)
  • Legendary finishing moves: Steel Cut, Ultrahard Steel, Vertical Maneuver
  • Epic Charm: Secret Keeper
  • Rare Sticker: One Hot Potato
  • Rare Emblem: Wings of Freedom

Now, how you choose to spend money is none of my business. But before you make any decisions, let’s go through the bundle in detail. The blueprints are nothing out of the extraordinary, but I must admit the Titan Piercer is a good touch. I don’t have much to say about the charm, emblem, and sticker.

However, I have a substantial concern with the skin and finishing movements.

This is the face of a sad, sad man.

I’m not sure what they were going for with this skin.

Sure, the resemblance to the Survey Corps of Levi Ackerman is… there. But when you extract it from the anime and manga, convert it to Vanguard‘s art style, and paste it onto one of the operators, you get this as a result:

Daniel looks like that one dude in an anime convention who actually worked really hard on his costume, and while the result is decent, it wasn’t the right time nor place to wear it. If this was everything, perhaps I’d give the bundle a pass (although it could cost less, but that’s a different discussion). But the finishing moves are truly something to behold.

Attack on Titan is constantly showcasing big-scale battles where characters are grappling on rooftops, running at full speed, and just overall doing cool-looking movements. Once again, when you attempt to replicate this in your shooter about WW2 that tries so hard to be serious all the time, the results look like this:

I was thinking about looking for a meme to do a comparison like I did with the skin, but I think the tweet speaks for itself. You can see more clips over at the PlayStation Blog post about the collaboration, though I think you’re better off.

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It’s only January 12 and we already have one of the weirdest collaborations of the year. It’s safe to assume other game studios will probably have a hard time coming up with a DLC that is more bizarre than this, but I’m ready to be surprised.

Speaking of studios having a hard time: The Activision-Blizzard lawsuit is still very much present, with recent developments involving Lego delaying an Overwatch 2 set indefinitely, the women at Treyarch organizing to write a statement on the situation, and collective efforts from the company’s workers who are looking into unionizing. My recommendation? Instead of purchasing the Attack on Titan bundle, the ABK Strike Fund is a much better option for your money.

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