Borderlands 3 Mayhem on Twitch Event Week 4 Guide – Anointed Gear & ECHOcast Features

All this month, Gearbox has been celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the original Borderlands with week-long events and in-game goodies for Borderlands 3. Festivities kicked off with a bump in Legendary loot drops and continued with increased spawns for rare enemies. Last week Gearbox turned up the Eridium rewards.

This week’s offering is called Mayhem on Twitch, which, as the name implies, provides a bump to rewards earned while playing in Mayhem mode, and incentivizes use of the ECHOcast streaming features. The event begins today, October 22, and runs through the 29th. Below, we’ve run down what Mayhem on Twitch entails, and what rewards you can earn by playing and watching Borderlands 3 this week.

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A Boost to Mayhem Mode

Mayhem mode is a difficulty in Borderlands 3 unlocked by completing the game’s campaign and visiting a terminal aboard the player’s ship, Sanctuary II. Mayhem causes enemies to deal and take more damage, and increases gained XP.  It also ups the drop rate of Anointed gear. In addition, the Mayhem applies various gameplay-affecting modifiers to each area you visit. For example, one area might decrease your shield recharge rate while increasing the amount of damage you deal with sniper rifles. 

The first big feature of this week’s Mayhem on Twitch event is a significant boost to Mayhem mode. While the event is active, Mayhem mode will see a further increase in drop rate for Anointed gear. But you’ll also notice a bump in XP gains and reduced negative area modifiers. Because of these changes, this week is a perfect opportunity to get some good weapon farming in.

New ECHOcast Functionality

For the streaming crowd, this week’s event brings a few fun new features to ECHOcast, Twitch’s Borderlands 3 extension. Through the ECHOcast, Twitch viewers are able to inspect the streamer’s gear at any time. They can also check their guardian rank info, view their character build, and see a list of upcoming ECHOcast events. Possible events include Rare Chest spawns which have a chance to gift their contents to viewers for use in their own games of Borderlands 3. Upon leveling up, a pinata may appear with the contents voted on by the channel’s chat. There are also Badass events allowing viewers to vote on the characteristics of Badass-tier enemies.

Through the Mayhem on Twitch event, these ECHOcast features are going to appear more frequently. The viewer-enhanced Badass enemies will be more difficult to fight. Those more common Rare Chest events, which typically only have a 1-in-4 chance of offering viewers in-game loot, will have a 100% success rate during the duration. Be prepared, as participating in the ECHOcast events require you to link your Borderlands 3 SHiFT account with your Twitch profile.

Following the end of Mayhem on Twitch, Gearbox will close out the month-long celebration of Borderlands with a mysterious Spooky Surprise event that will run from October 29th to November 4th. Beyond these dates, though, there aren’t any concrete details on what the event will actually entail.