Blue Mage Guide: WTF is FFXIV’s Limited Job and Why It’s Worth Trying

Yo, listen up, here's a story about a little mage that lives in a blue world.

In Final Fantasy XIV, you have tanks to take the hits and healers to keep everyone alive. There’s a wild assortment of melee, ranged, and magic DPS Jobs to deal the heavy damage. And if a chill vibe is your thing, you have no shortage of crafters and gatherers to level up. Then there’s the Blue Mage — a “limited Job,” as they say. What the hell is a Blue Mage?

Broadly speaking, Blue Mage is a unique, non-traditional combat Job similar to the Blue Mages throughout Final Fantasy‘s history. Instead of gaining new abilities as you level up, you learn spells by having enemies use them on you. It’s the concept of copying the attacks used against you, mimicking that same magic, and building an arsenal of spells in the process. Thus, Blue Mage kind of exists in its own lane in FFXIV, but it’s a cool twist that mixes up the normal style of progression.

It’s given the “limited Job” moniker because it comes with several restrictions. You can’t progress through the main story quests or queue into a Duty as you normally would, among other things. However, Blue Mage is given its own questline, instanced challenges, and Duty list to clear alongside other Blue Mages. Its free-form gameplay, distinct mechanics, unconventional progression breaks from the FFXIV formula, and goofy story about some dude running scams all make it worth a try.

How to Unlock Blue Mage

First thing’s first: You need to at least finish the main story questline for A Realm Reborn in order to access the Blue Mage unlock quest. If that’s taken care of, you can find the Zealous Yellowjacket NPC in the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks main Aetheryte plaza for the quest “Out of the Blue” (X: 9.9, Y: 11.0). Completing this quest will introduce you to Martyn (a certified scammer) and give you the Blue Mage Soul Crystal, your true blue outfit, and your first attack spell Water Cannon.

While you’re free to go out learning spells and leveling up the Job, we highly recommend completing the next quest, “Blue Leading the Blue,” while you’re at it. This will show you a few more quirks about the Job and introduce you to totems, which give you access to the few spells that can only be learned through leveling up.

ffxiv blue mage chie runnin scams for sure
Blue Mage Chie, the copymiqo’te, would be running scams, for sure.

How the Blue Magic Spellbook Works

To learn a spell from an enemy in the field, you have to get them to cast it against you. You don’t have get hit by it, but you have to see it being used. Note that some spells may take multiple tries to register into the spellbook.

Now, the hard part is figuring out which enemies have magic spells you can learn and where to find them. Luckily for aspiring Blue Mages out there, the FFXIV Wiki has a full list of the spells you can learn as well as how to obtain each one. If you’re using the aforementioned Wiki page, pay close attention to the minimum level required to learn the spell and the level of the enemy (or Duty) from which you can learn it.

When you pull up your Blue Magic Spellbook, you’re able to view every spell you’ve learned. In order to put them to use, you need to set them to the Active Actions bar (see bar). You’re limited to equipping two to four actions at a time, but you can save multiple presets for different types of playstyles. This won’t matter much in the early levels, but considering that there are over 100 spells to learn, things will get a bit more tricky.

This Job has everything from attack spells and debuffs to heals and straight-up self-destruction. But because it’s built around a mishmash of different spells, there isn’t really a proper attack rotation or opener in the traditional sense like with other DPS Jobs. However, you will eventually have a handful of spells to play Blue Mage optimally.

ffxiv blue mage spellbook
Filling out the Blue Mage spellbook is a lot of work, but it makes for a distinct combat experience.

How to Level Up Blue Mage Fast

Another way in which the Job differs from the rest is in how it earns EXP. Blue Mages get exponentially higher EXP from defeating normal enemies out in the open world. This coincides with the design philosophy of going out in the wild and picking fights with regular foes to learn their spells. In practice, it’s really the only reasonable method of leveling up. While you can still do things like FATEs and Levequests, these activities are woefully inefficient by comparison.

Generally, you’ll want to fight enemies slightly above your current level and keep a Chain Bonus going for the best EXP gains. Once you’re around level 20, you’ll want to pick up the spell 1000 Needles from a Sabotender Bailaor in Southern Thanalan near Little Ala Mhigo (around X: 16.0, Y: 15.0). This will be your go-to attack spell until you hit level 50. In the process, you’ll also want to learn White Wind for quick healing. Lastly, you can use your Chocobo companion to aid you in combat to speed up the process, especially if you’re playing solo.

You’ll want to burn through the early levels and hit 50 as soon as possible because that’s when the better Blue Mage content and spells open up. The Masked Carnivale and a legit Duty list await.

Masked Carnivale and the Blue Mage Log

Once you hit level 50, you can unlock Masked Carnivale. This is a series of challenges in the form of instanced battles — currently, there are 31 in total. The twist is that these fights feature traditional RPG mechanics like enemies with elemental affinities, and specific strengths and weaknesses. It makes you think about the Blue Mage arsenal differently due to how fights account for spells’ properties. This also further encourages you to fill out your spellbook so you’re able to prepare for (and adapt to) whatever challenges you face.

Blue Mage Masked Carnivale FFXIV
Masked Carnivale feels like a throwback to traditional RPG mechanics; it’s the best Blue Mage content so far.

Once you reach level 60, you can access the Blue Mage Log, which is essentially the unique Duty Finder for Blue Mages. You’ll find an assortment of the existing dungeons, trials, and raids you know and (maybe) love. The catch is that you’ll be matching up with fellow Blue Mage players to complete them. Here, you’ll want to be thinking harder about your build and using utility abilities and buffs alongside heals and hard-hitting spells. There are also weekly targets to hit and high-difficulty Prime targets, which will net you better rewards.

These are the basics of the Blue Mage limited Job in FFXIV. Hopefully, this helps you start your journey of being a copymiqo’te magician and encourage you to try out one of the more unique pieces of FFXIV content. If you’re on that post-MSQ gear grind, be sure to check out our FFXIV endgame gear guide. And for those trying out other new Jobs, you can use our fast leveling guide.