Blaseball Tips Guide – 8 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

Blaseball is both simple and also one of the most confusing games I’ve ever played. It’s just baseball except there are birds, peanuts, murderous umpires, and a bunch of people yelling shame. What does any of it mean? Well we won’t be explaining everything, but we do have eight tips for you today which you should know during your first few hours of playing.

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Don’t Worry Too Much About Picking Your Team

After creating your Blaseball account, one of the first things you’ll do is a choose a team to support. Don’t stress too much about this. You can’t see the current standings and understand who’s good, so just pick based on location or name. The only thing this affects is your passive gold income as you earn Coins when your favorite team wins.

Naturally you may want to pick the best team available to get yourself some extra income, however, unless you already have a friend on the inside, this isn’t possible. You can, however, pay 2000 Coins to switch your favorite team though it will take some time to save up.

It’s also worth noting that seasons are only a week long and things can be shaken up very quickly. Top of the line teams can find themselves decimated by new decrees or blessings.

Blaseball Games

Games Are Played in Sets of Three

The Blaseball season consists of 99 games with each being played in sets of three. Every matchup is essentially a best of three to see who really comes out on top though this doesn’t actually affect anything. Wins and losses are all that counts in the end, no matter who they were against.

Matchups Seem to Be Randomly Drawn

If you find yourself wondering how the game determines matchups, it seems to be completely random. Teams can face teams from other divisions or leagues. In addition, it’s possible to get the same matchup back to back. My Boston Flowers had a really unfortunate run in with the New York Millennials to start Season 3 which left us in a 1-9 hole.

Weather Doesn’t Affect Much…Yet

From Solar Eclipses to Lots of Birds and Peanuts, the weather trait is truly unpredictable. As far as we know most weather doesn’t affect anything outside of the occasional notification in the game log. Lots of Birds, for example, will send out prompts wondering if the birds have souls, say the birds are hungry for children, etc.

Peanuts are the lone exception where sometimes players will swallow an errant peanut. If they’re allergic, they’ll suffer some minor stat penalties across the board. If they’re not, they get a buff instead. The community is currently trying to figure out how this system works, but players can become allergic and lose their allergy as well.

Blaseball Beg

You Can Beg for Coins

When you first start the game, you’re relatively short on coins, especially if you start buying upgrades from the shop. The good news is if you have exactly zero Coins, you can beg for more for free. This will usually give you somewhere between five and 15 Coins to do what you want with. We recommend taking all of this cash and betting it on a game you weren’t already betting on. Then you can go back and beg for more before repeating the process!

Blessings Are a Random Draw, Not Winner Take All

There are two categories of things you can vote for in Blaseball: Decrees and Blessings. Decrees affect the entire league and only the two highest vote-getters will go into affect. The rest will fall by the wayside. Blessings on the other hand are completely random, but fans can increase the odds of the boon going to their team by voting. For example, even if the New York Millennials invest all their points into rerolling their three worst players, a team which barely put in any votes can be randomly drawn and get the Blessing instead. Adding more votes simply increases the odds that your team comes out on top.

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Players Can Die

Don’t take any player for granted. In the current Discipline Era, rogue umpires can decide to incinerate players, deleting them from the game. Those players are gone forever, replaced by another randomly generated person.

Upgrade Your Passive Income

Your passive income starts pretty low and while upgrading it can be a bit expensive, it’s worth the guaranteed coinage. Earning a good 30+ Coins per win definitely helps when the rest of your bets don’t pay off.