Blaseball Shame Guide – How Do You Shame A Team?

If you’re a Blaseball fan, chances are you’ve seen SHAME pop up as a match result. This can be particularly confusing, especially for folks who aren’t super into actual baseball. In this guide, we’re going to explain what shaming is and how it affects games.

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What is Shaming in Blaseball?

According to the Book, Section 4-E, a shame phase is as follows:

Shame Phase: If the home team scores the winning run in the bottom of the final inning, the away team must complete the game in shame, despite being mathematically eliminated.

This tends to confuse folks who are familiar with certain baseball rules. In real baseball, if the losing team is at visiting and behind after the top of the ninth inning, the game normally just ends. To be clear, that is still the case here. However, the Shame Phase Rule stipulates if the home team takes the lead in the bottom of the ninth, therefore clinching the win, the game does not end. Instead they get to close out the inning and potentially score more runs.

There are no walk off wins in Blaseball.

Does Shaming Affect Anything?

Currently the only thing associated with the Shame Phase is actual shame as the community spams SHAME in most channels.

There was a potential decree during Season 2 which could have caused shames to have an affect on games. It was not successfully passed, however. With the rule change, shamed teams would have been punished the following game with their next opponent starting with runs equal to the number of runs scored against them during the shame period.

And that’s it for now! We’ll be sure to update this guide if anything changes in regards to shaming. If you’re trying to get into Blaseball, head on over to our tips guide which will help get you up and running successfully.