Black Ops Cold War Beta Guide – How to Join, Early Access, & Dates

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a little over a month away, but players have already gotten their hands on this upcoming shooter. Following last week’s Alpha, Xfinity has revealed that they will be hosting the first Beta for Cold War in early October. However, this can lead to some confusion as there is also an Open Beta taking place a little later in October for players on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. The Beta tied to Xfinity allows for earlier access, but the dates will be slightly different depending on which system you play on.

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Black Ops Cold War Beta Dates

When you get to play the Black Ops Cold War Beta entirely depends on what system you use. PlayStation 4 users, unsurprisingly, have access to this content first. Additionally, there is an Open Beta that doesn’t require you to be an Xfinity customer. This will obviously reduce the amount of time you can play, but you shouldn’t run out and sign up for Xfinity to just try the new Call of Duty. Here are the dates for both the Xfinity Early Access Beta and the Open Beta for all platforms:

PlayStation 4

  • Early Access – October 8-9
  • Open Beta – October 10-12 / October 15-19

PC and Xbox One

  • Early Access – October 15-16
  • Open Beta – October 17-19

If you are on PlayStation 4 you’ll obviously have the most access and time to play Black Ops Cold War. I recommend using Sony’s system if you are serious about brushing up on everything the game has to offer since at other system users have a maximum of 4 days to experience the game. This also marks the first time both PC and Xbox One players will get to play the latest Call of Duty.

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How to Join the Xfinity Black Ops Cold War Beta

If you want to participate in the early access portion for any system you will need to be a member of Xfinity’s service. Otherwise, it will be impossible to join this portion of the Beta and you’ll need to wait until the Open Beta dates listed above. For those that are members of Xfinity, go to this link and then click on “Request Early Access Code.” You’ll then be asked to sign in to Xfinity, where a code is sent to the primary email of whoever’s Xfinity account you signed up for. Codes can be requested as late as October 18th, but I recommend doing it earlier so you can potentially pre-load the Beta.

For the unfamiliar, the Black Ops Cold War beta will give you access to some of the game’s weapons, mods, perks, and maps. If it’s similar to the Alpha, you’ll get to play on around 5 maps across two different game modes and team sizes. Don’t expect any progress to carry over and the popular Warzone mode most likelyt won’t be available during the beta. This stictly revolving around the core multiplayer component of the game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War releases on PS5, PPS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on November 13th.