Best Landing Spots in Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 7

Fortnite Season 7 is well underway, and just like last season, there’s been a couple changes to the map. A new winter region was just added on the southwest side and it significantly changes up the Battle Royale game mode.

If you want to get a head start on your next Fortnite match, you’ll need to pick your next landing spot carefully. Without proper access to materials, weapons, and items, you’ll quickly fall behind as other players stock up on resources. Conversely, you won’t stand a chance if you land in an area overpopulated with other players (assuming you’re new-ish to the game).

If you you want to know the best spots for jumping into the fight, here are our top recommendations for Season 7.

Fortnite Season 7 Loot Lake

Loot Lake

This Point of Interest has seen quite a number of changes over the past few seasons. But its Season 7 rendition is a pretty reliable choice, thanks in part to its myriad powerful weapons and rare items.

First off, don’t let Loot Lake’s name fool you. The “lake” in the middle now features islands of various sizes and shapes . Weapons and items are scattered throughout Loot Lake’s center, too — including Treasure Chests hidden away in cargo holds. Even the smaller islands carry their fair share of chests and items, making practically any drop a worthwhile one.

That said, remember to be careful when you drop on Loot Lake. Thanks to this Point of Interest’s central location on the map, its mix of high ground with low ground, and its plethora of weapons and consumables, this is a common drop point for enemy players.

Fortnite Frosty Flights

Frosty Flights

Added as part of the new winter biome, Frosty Flights is one of the best drop points for grabbing a new X-4 Stormwing (i.e. a biplane). This Point of Interest features numerous planes across an enormous runway, along with several military buildings packed with items, weapons, and Treasure Chests. Particularly skilled squads can clear through Frosty Flights, stock up on weapons for their entire crew, and escape in an X-4 to fly off closer to the eye of the storm.

While Frosty Flights is a great setting to get acquainted with the X-4 Stormwing, especially when working together with a teammate, it’s tucked away at A8 and B8. That means players that don’t acquire an X-4 will have to traverse the map to find another one — or trudge on-foot to the eye of the storm.

Fortnite Viking Outpost

Viking Outpost

Remember the Viking Outpost added to B6 during Season 5? Well, it’s still on the Fortnite map for Season 7, and it’s a fantastic place to drop. There’s a number of Treasure Chests scattered around the Viking Outpost’s buildings. The town itself is also a great resource to harvest both metal and stone from. Not to mention, the locale is pretty far north in the new winter biome. That makes it a great choice for grabbing a starting set of items and moving further into the map.

In short, whether you’re dropping in solo or queuing up with a squad, the Viking Outpost is a great choice for new players and veterans alike. Just keep an eye out for other players when dropping at this Place of Interest. You’re bound to scuffle with longtime fans that love starting here as a drop zone.

Fortnite Happy Hamlet

Happy Hamlet

Say goodbye to Flush Factory and get ready to meet Happy Hamlet. This bustling town provides fantastic opportunities for opening Treasure Chests and scoring loot early on, especially if you’re playing duos or squads. Of course, it’s also quite big. You’re bound to stumble across another player in this location. But it’s just small enough to let players grab items and run out — or stock up on weapons and kill off the competition.

As per usual, remember to land on higher ground if you choose to land in Happy Hamlet. This lets you burrow into roofs and search for Treasure Chests while protecting you from players skirmishing on the ground.

Fortnite Happy Hamlet Warehouses

The Warehouses

If you feel like collecting loot near Happy Hamlet, but don’t want to struggle for a place to breathe, try visiting the nearby warehouses at the northwest corner of E9. These buildings aren’t marked on the map and are a slight distance from Happy Hamlet to boot. So they aren’t obvious to many players.

The Warehouses are a great place to collect materials, stock up on weapons, find Treasure Chests, or simply land in a location that’s close to the action, but also keeps player-vs-player contact relatively low. Remember to land on top of one of the two warehouses to protect yourself from players on the ground!

Fortnite Tilted Towers

Tilted Towers

Let’s face it. Tilted Towers is a cliche. But players drop here for a reason. This city isn’t just the biggest one in the game; it holds dozens of Treasure Chests for players to uncover. It’s also packed with items and weapons for players to pick up, as well as buildings for material scavenging. It’s a busy Point of Interest, to be sure (maybe the busiest location in the game), and a risky one at that. But its high-risk, high-reward setup makes it the perfect choice for experienced players that know how to survive one-on-one combat.

Granted, we recommend new players avoid Tilted Towers like the plague — especially if you’re playing Fortnite solo. It’s an incredibly intense and difficult drop zone. It that takes time to master. If you’re interested in dropping here while learning the game, consider teaming up with a friend or three in duos and squad matches for a fair fight.