The Best Fortnite Practice Levels in Creative Mode

If you haven’t fired up the Fortnite Creative mode yet, then you’re missing out. Epic Games’ sandbox mode lets players explore each others’ islands, build their own deathmatch levels, or just simply hang out with friends to build wacky forts. There are endless opportunities and it’s a nifty addition to Fortnite’s multiplayer capabilities!

One great way to use Creative mode is by practicing for the main game. Players can spawn a wide range of objects, weapons, and vehicles on their islands, which lets creators develop their own training courses for learning Battle Royale’s complicated skills. Thanks to Creative mode’s Island Code system, practicing is as easy as finding the right map for you, downloading it, and practicing away in another player’s island.

For Fortnite: Battle Royale fans that want to practice before hopping into Battle Royale’s matchmaking system, check out these great Creative mode training courses!

Fortnite Warm Up Course

Quick Warm-Up Course

For Fortnite players that want an easy-to-learn course before heading online, Redditor OfficialCanDook’s aptly named “Quick Warm-Up Course” shouldn’t be missed. This obstacle course lets players build and edit their way through a labyrinth. You can practice your reflexes in Build Mode and edit your way through floors and ramps. There’s even a weapons range where players can practice taking long-range shots with Pistols and Assault Rifles. While short, OfficialCanDook’s island is a nifty prep course — one that every Fortnite player should try out.

Island Code: 6561-6398-2653

Noizeeh’s Warm-Up Course

If you want a more extensive training island before hopping into Battle Royale, check out Noizeeh’s “Warm-Up Course” level. OfficialCanDook offered a well-rounded practice session to build up some reflexes and get players in the right mindset for matchmaking. But Noizeeh’s level is much more thorough.

In particular, this course focuses on building up players’ Edit Mode reflexes so they can quickly move from structure to structure in their forts. One section of the course has players repeatedly edit walls in front of them, through a long hallway; another has players edit a floor, peak at a target, and fire away.

Noizeeh’s course is perfect for fine-tuning players’ handle on Edit Mode. That makes it a strong pick for any hardcore Fortnite: Battle Royale players looking to improve their game.

Island Code: 7673-1342-9053

Aim Training Facility

If you want to dominate the battlefield in Fortnite: Battle Royale, you need to learn how to land a shot. Luckily, Redditor ImSpeedyGonzalez has you covered. His map “Aim Training Facility” features an enormous practice area where players can fire away at targets with Assault Rifles, Miniguns, Grenades, and more.

Lay waste to vehicles, aim at obstacles near and far alike, and try avoiding incoming fire while shooting at enemy dummies! As far as weapons courses go, ImSpeedyGonzalez offers a fantastic, lengthy experience perfect for players who plan on storming areas like Tilted Towers.

Island Code: 0358-0361-8999

Build War

Build War

Not all practice sessions need to be solo experiences! RichyToons’ “Build War” is a “building race against the clock” — one perfect for one-on-one play. In this island, two players face off across a symmetrical obstacle course to see who can build the fastest. Of course, it isn’t necessary to go head-to-head with a friend; Build War works well as a warm-up course for solo players, too. Even so, whether you’re a building pro or still learning the Fortnite ropes, this is one of the most creative ways to practice before hopping into Battle Royale. Give it a shot if you need to work on your Build Mode skills!

Island Code: 3748-3055-0915

And those are our current picks for the best practice ranges in Fortnite Creative mode. Let us know if any of these courses helped you out, or if you have your own suggestions for great maps in the comments below. Otherwise, have fun and get creative yourself.