Battlefield 5 Medic Class Guide – Weapons, Gadgets, Combat Roles

I need a Medic! The Medic class is back in Battlefield V and has a bunch of new weapons, gadgets, and the all-new combat roles. Today, we’ll take a look at what the Battlefield 5 Medic class has to offer so you can better decide if this is the role for you.

Primary Weapons

Sub-Machine Guns

Close range weapons that specialize in firing a lot of bullets, very quickly, but while maintaining maneuverability.

  • STEN – The easier to control twin of the MP40.
  • Suomi KP/-31 – Very hard to control, fast firing SMG. It starts off a bit weak, but benefits more than other SMGs from progression.
  • EMP – Developed in Germany, this submachine gun proved immensely popular across Europe and Asia.
  • MP40 – The Allies called this popular submachine gun the “Schmeisser” although well-known weapon designer Hugo Schmeisser was not involved in its creation.
  • MP28 – After World War 1, Hugo Schmeisser made many improvements to the MP18, such as replacing the drum magazine with a straight one. The resulting MP28 was sold to both China and Japan among others.
  • MP34 – The MP34’s design was based on the old MP18 submachine gun. Used primarily by the German army, it was an extremely well-made gun although the production costs were very high.
  • M1928A1 – The Chicago gangsters made the “Tommy Gun” famous in the 1920s. The US Army adopted it in 1938 for its accuracy and high rate of fire, and Allied Commando and Ranger units used it extensively.



Medical Pouch

Put down a single-use medical bag that heals anyone, friend or foe, over time until hit by a damage source or fully healed.

Smoke Grenade Launcher

Provide cover for your advancements by shooting a smoke grenade. Aside from obscuring vision, smoke grenades have historically broken any spot markers and disabled aim assist.

Combat Roles

Combat Roles are all-new to Battlefield in this year’s installment. Each class is launching with two with more being unlocked over time through the Tides of War feature.

Your selection comes with two traits that other Combat Roles don’t have.

Field Medic

Field Medic is the default Combat Role and is unlocked from the get-go. It places an emphasis on healing teammates and getting to downed friendlies faster.


  • Healer: You gain additional Requisition Points when you supply Medical Pouches to teammates.
  • Swift Effort: You sprint faster when calling out to a downed friendly soldier.

Combat Medic

Unlike Field Medic, Combat Medic has to be unlocked through gameplay. It promotes a more difficult style of play, rewarding you for getting up close and personal with enemies and speeding up your sprint speed when at low Health.


  • Melee Expert: All of your melee attacks automatically take down enemies.
  • Emergency Retreat: You sprint faster when at critical Health.

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