Battlefield 5 Beginner’s Guide – Tips, Strategies, Tactics

Conquering Battlefield 5‘s multiplayer modes can be overwhelming to players who primarily excel at twitch shooters or battle royale titles. It’s a whole different ball game once you enter the large-scale theaters of war, especially when you bring new mechanics such as Attrition and Fortifications into the mix. Not only do you have to worry about your own safety, but also your squad’s.

With multi-stage battles, multiple objectives constantly being contested, and a sea of enemies bringing their own shooter expertise into the fold, there’s a lot to take in. There are just as many reasons to make sure you’re in prime condition to take on the world. Luckily, we’ve got your back with these beginners’ tips that should keep you alive—long enough to make your squad proud, at any rate.

Stay on the Objective (Seriously!)

This is common sense, but it bears repeating: stay on the objective. Battlefield 5 will certainly let you pick off as many soldiers as you want to, but it’s not a deathmatch. There are no modes presently focused just on kills. So there’s no reason to go off on your own and pepper enemies with gunfire at your leisure.

Eliminate the targets you need to, but remember the game is about completing objectives and earning points. Points net you progress. So keep that in mind when you feel like going on a killing spree and ignoring the point of the game. Your squad will try to remind you of that when you Rambo out on your own.

Be smart about capturing objectives, too. Don’t plant yourself in the middle of an area and wait for the point to be taken. You can edge up on the point, hide behind platforms, peer around corners, or go prone. As long as you’re near it, you’ll still capture the point. Standing still or out where you’re easily visible means certain death. You won’t be of use to anyone then.

When It Comes to Classes, Remain Flexible

There are four different multiplayer classes in Battlefield 5: Assault, Medic, Support, and Recon. Each has its own specializations and weapons. Progress with each class unlocks new combat roles and weapons. So it’s prudent to train with each class and try something new every once in a while.

Just like opting for a different hero in Overwatch when your main is already taken , you may need to fill several roles in the heat of combat that others aren’t proficient at. If you spend most of your time in the Assault class skill tree, which utilizes assault rifles and physical prowess,  you’ll be a little rusty when you need to step into the Medic role.

That doesn’t mean you can’t select one that works for the majority of your matches, though. Take some time to learn about classes and what kind of players are right for each one before settling on your main. If you’re not willing to support your teammates, you should play Assault. The inverse is also true: if you’re more interested in sniping targets from a distance, don’t opt for the Assault class. That’s a Recon player’s job.

Lean Heavily on Fortifications

Fortifications are a new addition to the traditional Battlefield series. They bring it closer to the realm of games like Fortnite. They also allow you to alter the map around you in ways that keep enemies from reaching you or your team. Alternatively, Fortifications allow you to build helpful stations with items you and your fellow soldiers need.

You can raise barbed wire to protect your bunker, board up windows, place sandbags to keep walls standing, and more in a bid to keep yourself safe. This includes creating trenches where there previously were none. It’s an ingenious way to keep yourself safe. Due to the destructible nature of the game, you’ll constantly deal with enemies working to smoke you out of your safe havens. This is one of the only ways to keep building them back up.  

Ensure your BuildTool is easily equippable and don’t be afraid to use it as often as necessary. You can see gray outlines when you look around the map and minimap. These indicate where you can build Fortifications. If you aren’t in a position to build anything immediately useful, in terms of keeping others at bay, focus on helping your squad stay alive.

Build Resupply and Medic Stations where teammates can stock up on medical supplies and ammunition. Then rebuild them when they get destroyed. Build the stations close to the strongest part of your base, or you’ll have to constantly erect new ones as enemies take them down.

Don’t Sleep on Ammo and Health Stations

Each map is littered with a number of special stations found in different locations. You can re-up on medical supplies and ammo here to ensure you’re in the best condition you possibly can be while grappling with enemies. You never know when you’ll find yourself in a game where there’s no medic or anyone who could potentially have your back, so eliminate those situations by topping off your own supplies and stocking up whenever absolutely possible.

Even if you’ve only exhausted a few bullets, go ahead and grab more for your next spawn. Heal yourself accordingly, because there’s no telling when the next bullet will set up camp in your skull—and you’ll wish you had taken the time to replenish your health instead of pressing on when you’re waiting to respawn. As previously mentioned, you can build your own stations, too. That should give you a helpful strategic edge if you find yourself in dire need of assistance.

Work Together to Quickly Destroy Tanks

Tanks may seem invincible, but they’re relatively easy to eliminate if your squad works together. An if you don’t nip them in the bud, they vehicles will deal disastrous damage.

You can do this by gathering anti-tank weaponry like the Panzerfaust 100 (or dynamite, in a pinch) and flanking the tank from a good distance away. Don’t bother shooting at the front. Aim for the sides and back to get the most damage out of each rocket you launch. If you can’t totally disable the tank, you can incapacitate it enough that its occupants will likely hop out seeking shelter elsewhere. Make sure to pick them off, too. They probably won’t be too happy with you for destroying their mobile war machine.

Complete Special Assignments and Daily Orders

If you want to progress through the game at a decent clip, you have to do far more than just play the game normally—even if you’re playing for hours on end. Keep an eye out for Daily Orders. They rotate each day (as their name implies) and are smaller challenges that should be simple to complete. Special Assignments are more of a series of tasks that you complete over a longer period.

Both challenges reward you with Company Coin, the Battlefield 5‘s in-game currency. It unlocks additional weapon and vehicle progression options, as well as weapon skins, cosmetics, and other goodies to deck out your soldier.

Orders and Assignments are also great at keeping things fresh after the tenth Conquest match you’ve played in a week.

And that’s it for our beginner’s guide! You can our Battlefield 5 review for more thoughts on the game. And be sure to check later for more guides on how to get the most out of your time on the frontlines.