Aurvandil FR6 Destiny 2 Guide – God Roll and How to Get It

Added in Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph, Aurvandil FR6 is a high impact Stasis fusion rifle. Is it worth using? What are some of its best rolls? Let’s take a look.

How to Get Aurvandil FR6 in Destiny 2

You can obtain Aurvandil FR6 through world drops or by ranking up with vendors. It is also occasionally sold by Banshee-44.

Aurvandil FR6 God Rolls

Aurvandil FR6 PVE God Roll

  • Chambered Compensator
  • Accelerated Coils
  • Reconstruction or Subsistence
  • Chill Clip
  • Masterwork: Charge Time

The Aurvandil FR6 is our first high-impact Stasis fusion rifle, joining the storied family of powerful Omolon weapons of the same type. It also has an extremely unique perk in Reconstruction, which was previously exclusive to Deep Stone Crypt raid weapons. That combined with Chill Clip could be a lot of fun, assuming that Chill Clip counts 50% of the magazine as the base magazine number and not the overfilled version from Reconstruction. If that is the case, then Aurvandil will function as a slower-firing, higher-damage version of the Crucible fusion Riptide. Pretty neat! You can also run Subsistence in the third column, which is another great combo with Chill Clip.

Aurvandil FR6 PVP God Roll

  • Extended Barrel
  • Accelerated Coils
  • Firmly Planted or Hip-Fire Grip
  • Demolitionist or Golden Tricorn
  • Masterwork: Charge Time

For Destiny 2 PVP, Aurvandil FR6 seems to lack a lot of the perks you’d want to see on a fusion rifle. Besides, high-impact frames fire so slowly that they can be hard to use in the Crucible. The best combo you can hope for on this would be Firmly Planted or Hip-Fire Grip and Demolitionist or Golden Tricorn. It seems like this is a fusion rifle that’s designed more for PVE, so take it into PVP activities at your own risk.

That’s about it for Aurvandil FR6. Be sure to check out our other god roll guides for Destiny 2.