August 6: Answer for LoLdle Classic, Quote, Ability, and Splash #31

Here is today's LoLdle classic answer. We also got you covered with the other LoLdle #30 solutions.

We got you covered on Today’s LoLdle classic answer for August 6, 2022. If you just want all the solutions for LoLdle #31, feel free to scroll.

Created by Pimeko, this fan-made Wordle-style League of Legends game has players guessing characters from League‘s pool of 161 champions. If you want to get a leg up on your friends, or need to know as a means of keeping your score intact, we’re here to help. This LoLdle will be a breeze for you.

Today’s LoLdle #31 Answer Classic, Ability, Quote, and Splash Solution for August 6, 2022.

The answer for today’s LoLdle classic is Pyke,

The answer for today’s LoLdle ability is Zed’s Death Mark.

The answer for today’s LoLdle Splash is Firelight Ekko, from Arcane.

The answer for today’s LoLdle quote is Sion. Specifically his  Chaaaaaaaarge! League quote. He’s always saying this.

Today's LoLdle Classic, Splash, Quote, and Ability

We hope we helped you out, summoner. Now go out there and get those solutions right, we’re rooting for you! Check out our full LoLdle archive here. Itching for more League coverage? Be sure to check out all of our League of Legends guides, news, and op-eds as well. Yesterday we covered news that League of Legends will eventually stop making new champions, and explained why that’s okay. We also wrote about the new Arcane documentary series that is free to watch online.

An excerpt from our piece on the prospect of a capped champion pool:

“It’s nice to hear that Riot’s League of Legends team is proactively planning the future of the massive MOBA, and making easily accessible avenues for new players. When I started playing League in early high school they dropped like, a champion or two a year; now it feels like almost every month there’s a new champion or reveal. It’s a lot, and I’m someone who’s been playing for years! It’s hard to imagine a world where the League roster is capped and finite, but down the line this will lead to less bewildering interactions, and less of a headache for the balancing team. Now who could be the last League of Legends champion..?”

[Disclaimer: Both Riot Games and Fanbyte are owned by the same parent company, Tencent. We don’t often, like, chill together or anything, though.]