Arknights Rerolling Guide – How to Reroll For The Best Units

Rerolling for Success.

Arknights has launched globally, after a lengthy, anticipated wait. Yostar’s tower-defense gachapon character collector is a massive hit, and it’s easy to see why! The clean interface, massive number of collectable units — all of which have extremely well drawn character art — and fun feedback loop of running missions, gathering materials, powering up units, and running harder missions prove that Arknights is likely here to stay.

Perhaps you’re interested in starting Arknights, but feel a little lost with how to get going? There is a lot of information being thrown at you early on, and some of the middle/late game missions can stump players without a solid starting foundation. We’ve got the details you need to be successful, here in our Arknights rerolling guide!

First, a public service announcement: You do not need to reroll and obtain the “best” units to clear any mission in Arknights. Yostar has been very good about this in all of their games. You will receive some extremely potent three and four-star units for free, or for in-game currency. They can and will carry you through not just the story, but extra missions as well. This guide is for players who want to start off with better units, to allow an easier time clearing the game.

Second, iOS users, I’m sorry, but unless you are a wizard (with a jailbroken phone), you will need to reroll on PC through an emulator. Afterward you can transfer the save data to your phone when you get the unit you want. Android users, follow on!

Arknights Login Menu Highlighting Guest Selection

When you load up Arknights, make sure you create an account through “Guest Account.” You can bind this account to your email address or your Yostar account later on, should you roll into something you want.

You will need to progress through the tutorial until you hit the mission “0-1.” Once in the 0-1 mission, you can hit the Options button in the top left and retreat from the mission. From there, navigate to the Home page and collect your pre-registration bonuses, if applicable. Then head to the Headhunting option. From here, you have two options.

Arknights Starting Banner Example

Option #1 – The Newbie Banner Reroll

If you’re not looking to waste a whole lot of time rerolling but still want a solid 6-star unit, this is the option for you. You are looking for the above screen.

You can spin a Headhunt x10 immediately. Aim for Exusiai or SilverAsh, with a secondary priority for Hoshiguma and Siege. Angelina and Shining are good units as well, however they blossom late in the game (Elite Rank 2), and some of the free units you will receive can do their job as good (or better) until then.

If you are unhappy with your roll, you will need to navigate to your app settings for Arknights and delete your cache. This requires redownloading data, so I suggest you connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot (or reroll utilizing an emulator on your PC.) Once your slate is clean, you simply follow the steps again and again until you get the roll you want. The time it takes to reroll is approximately 15 minutes.

Arknights Premium Banner Example

Option #2 – The Premium Banner Reroll

Perhaps you don’t like the offerings on the Newbie Banner, or perhaps there’s a character you want on another banner and dadgummit, you’re going to get that waifu come hell or high water. This option is for you!

Again, you’re looking for a screen similar to what’s displayed above.

These are called Premium Banners, and they typically feature units from a specific background in-game. There are usually one 6-star units, one or two 5-star units, and a selection of 4-star units related to that banner.

Let’s talk about how banners work. You have a flat two percent chance per roll to receive any of the available 6-star units. This means that the game splits that two percent chance between all of the 6-star units currently available.

For a Premium Banner, the featured 6-star unit receives a boost to one percent, while the remaining 6-star units get their rates lowered. The remaining one percent is divided resulting in an approximate .125 percent chance per specific 6-star unit.

In layman’s terms, the above banner would grant you a flat two percent chance to obtain SilverAsh, but if you really wanted Ifrit, you would be relying on a .125 percent chance. Don’t like your roll? Simply reroll, and follow the same process we outlined for the Newbie Banner option.

To recap, if you want to hunt something outside of the Newbie Banner, the Premium Banner is what you want to reroll on. But be aware that you could be rerolling for a very long time.

If you manage to luck into Ifrit or Eyjafjalla, congratulations! You just won the rerolling game and can now enjoy Arknights worry-free. Either of those units will be the highlight of your team given how powerful they are.

Did you get your favorite character? Did you luck into Eyjafjalla? Let us know how your luck turned out down below!