Arknights Recruitment Guide – Recruiting Better Units with Job Tags

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Arknights is probably my favorite mobile game in recent years, but there’s an awful lot that isn’t explained well in the game. When you first interact with a system in-game, you’re greeted with a brief, three-slide blurb about what the system does, but the deeper information is left for the players to figure out. One of these systems is Recruitment.

Like most gachapon games, you earn new characters (or units) by spending an in-game currency to “roll.” There’s a paid version called Headhunting, which requires a rare currency, and the free version, Recruitment. Unlike other gachapon games, however, instead of simply spending currency and receiving a unit, you get to set your search parameters and increase your odds of receiving a specific unit! Here’s how you recruit smartly in Arknights.

Arknights Recruitment TIme

What is Recruitment? – Arknights Recruitment

First of all, to reach the recruiting screen, simply tap the “Recruit” option on the home screen. Above is the screen you are looking for.

This looks like a lot, but let’s break it down. The timer you see allows you to set how long you want to send recruiters out for. The more time you give (up to a maximum of nine hours), the more likely it is you will receive a four-star or five-star unit. Furthermore, when you allocate more time, you’ll notice that the option to potentially receive one-star and two-star units goes away!

In short, always set the timer for nine hours, unless you are looking for one or two-star units.

Arknights Recruitment Job Tags

How to Use Job Tags – Arknights Recruitment

The next section, titled “Job Tags” is what you will use to limit your search options. You can only set three or less of these tags, and the tags are randomly chosen up to a pool of five. If the tags interact in certain ways, you can aim for very specific units.

For example, if I were aiming for Krooz, I would aim for the Ranged and DPS tags. If I only select Ranged, I have a chance to get ShiraYuki, who is a good AoE unit, but not the murder machine that Krooz is. Adding the DPS tag removes ShiraYuki from the pool and vastly improves my odds of receiving Krooz.

By cycling through your Operators’ info pages, you can determine what tags will apply to the unit you want and Recruit accordingly. You can also utilize this Recruitment Calculator, created by Aceship, which lets you set parameters and shows you what units you have a chance to recruit. By combining this with the nine hour rule above, you have a higher chance of recruiting the specific unit you want.

Finally, if you see the tags Senior Operator or Top Operator, pick those tags. Senior Operator guarantees a five star unit, and combining it with any other tag will guarantee the specific five star unit you want (so, Senior Operator and Shift would guarantee you receive FEater.) Top Operator does the same thing, but with six-star units.

Arknights Ikfrit Hero Page
Pictured: I pulled Ifrit from a Top Operator / AoE tag combination.

Improving Recruitment Odds – Arknights Recruitment

You may notice an option to the right of the Job Tags that says either “Requires HR Office” or shows you a refresh symbol. Once you build an Office in your base (requires tier 3 Control Center), you gain the ability to refresh your tags once every eight hours. This can stockpile up to three times. Furthermore, the higher your Office is leveled, the more recruiting slots you gain! If you’re interested in recruiting better units faster, build the Office as soon as possible!

Finally, the cost section. Eventually this section will become forgettable as you progress through the game, but keep in mind that every recruitment you start requires a Recruitment Permit. You gain two from daily missions, ten from weekly missions, and they also appear in the Store and from Campaign Missions periodically. You also require LMD (the blue currency that drops from every mission), and if you’re leveling up your Operators, you know how quickly this can vanish.

So, that’s how you can recruit better units in Arknights! Did you roll a Top Operator or Senior Operator? Post your lucky rolls (or unlucky ones) down below!