Apex Legends Wraith Class Guide – Abilities, Tips, Strengths

Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale is off to a great start. Fans are already really digging into Apex Legends. With the game’s squad-based combat and focus on teamwork, it can be a little overwhelming trying out each of the characters (or Legends) in the game. When there’s gunfire from all sides, are you going to remember what exactly everyone does? Today we’re looking at our Apex Legends Wraith guide.

Our guides are here to help! Learn more about each Legend ahead of time with our Apex Legends class guides. Wraith is a high-damage sniper expert with a few tricks up her sleeve.

Wraith, Interdimensional Skirmisher

Wraith doesn’t remember much of her life before obtaining her mysterious interdimensional powers. Waking up in the IMC Detention Facility for the Mentally Ill, Wraith had no memory of her past, nor did she understand the strange powers she had. It didn’t help matters much that she kept hearing voices, slowly driving the woman insane.

However, Wraith eventually realized that those voices in her head are (probably) helpful. She was able to escape the facility with their help! Now she joins the rest of the Apex Legends characters in battle.

Wraith Moveset in Apex Legends

With her powers to shift spacetime and jump between dimensions, it comes as no surprise that Wraith is supposed to be used as a stealth character. Her abilities can conceal her from sight and damage — allowing the Legend to get the jump on foes and get the job done fast.

Passive Ability: Voices from the Void – Voices will let you know when enemies are nearby. No one can sneak up on you if you pay attention to the voices in your head! Just don’t be creeped out in the process…

Tactical Ability: Into The Void – Enter another dimension temporarily, avoiding damage. This is essential for repositioning before or during a fight (and escaping enemies that get the drop on you).

Wraith’s Ultimate: Dimensional Rift

When powered up, Wraith’s Ultimate will let both you and your squadmates enter the Void. Dimensional Rift lets you link two locations with rifts for a full minute, letting both you and your teammates travel between the two quickly.

Purely a utility Ultimate, Dimensional Rift is helpful and life-saving in a firefight. Teammates can get in and out of skirmishes with ease, taking time to heal up before going back in for the kill. Warping from one place to another has few drawbacks and a ton of benefits, making proper use of Wraith’s Ultimate infinitely useful. Don’t be afraid to use it in a pinch!

Apex Legends Wraith Guide

Wraith Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: When her interdimensional abilities are utilized properly, Wraith is a force to be reckoned with. Her Void moves give her superior repositioning skills compared to nearly any other Apex Legends hero. That means this character has the edge is most firefights. Her skills are also versatile. You can get away from danger, sneak in for an easy kill, get to a good sniping position… The possibilities aren’t endless, but you have a lot of options!

Weaknesses: Wraith is a character that requires finesse to use properly — and finesse takes time to learn. It’s not always easy to implement her skills well in the middle of a firefight. And Wraith’s skills aren’t universally and immediately useful like Lifeline or Gibraltar. If you want to use her to stealthily pick off foes, you need the proper gear. As a battle royale, sometimes Apex Legends’ loot drops just work against you…

Other Tips when Using Wraith

Your superior repositioning skills make you a great sniper. If you’re lucky, or have a generous teammate, find a good sniper rifle and scope to help you wrack up kills with Wraith. While you can also use the Void skills in a close-range fight, the ability to calmly pick a safe area and take out a few foes before they know what’s hitting them is a satisfying feeling.

It may be best to not follow your squadmates too closely. You should never completely leave your squad behind in Apex Legends. It’s a team-based game! But as Wraith, it may be best to keep your distance a bit. That way, when a tank character is distracting your foes, you can come in from an unexpected angle and finish them off.

I wouldn’t rely on Voices from the Void too much. When playing Wraith, I didn’t hear the voice all that often — either I just couldn’t hear it, had a hard time paying attention in the thick of battle, or the passive doesn’t trigger very often. While it’s an interesting skill, it’s still important to keep your eyes peeled. Maybe it will become more useful as time goes on!