Apex Legends Vantage Guide – 5 Tips & Tricks for Playing Vantage

Here are 5 Vantage tips for newbies in Apex Legends.

The latest season of Apex Legends has launched so that means there’s another new character to play and master. Enter Vantage, a legend built all around sniping and smart positioning. While this legend seems quite simple to play due to the sheer power of her abilities, it’s easy to lose oneself in just sniping enemies from hundreds of meters away. So if you are looking to make this character your new main or just want to improve, here are five Vantage tips to get you started.

Master Echo’s Movement – Vantage Tips

One of the best parts of Vantage’s kit is her Echo Relocation ability. This allows her to rocket towards her bat companion Echo, giving her remarkable mobility and repositioning potential. However, there is a surprising amount of nuance to using Echo, and understanding how this movement ability works can let you pull off some pretty wild tricks. The first and most important thing to know is anytime you launch towards Echo if you crouch before reaching him you will drop quickly to the ground. Doing this allows you to ignore the floating effect that happens before double jumping and pull your gun out faster. It’s a terrific tool for aggressive players, allowing them to get the drop on unaware enemies. 

Echo has a range of 55 meters and anytime you go beyond that he will fly to you. Unlike Crypto’s drone, Echo doesn’t instantly return when you recall him. Instead, he will fly towards Vantage regardless of how far away you are. Since you can launch to Echo regardless of distance as long as you have a line of sight, there are some weird tricks you can pull here. Such as leaving Echo by a gravity cannon on Stormpoint, taking the cannon, and then launching towards Echo midflight. Another is leaving Echo right before you get back sent to Revenant’s Death Totem and launching towards him right away.

There’s also the ability to dash with Echo, but this is pretty niche and will probably be patched.

Apex Legends Vantage Tips

Be Liberal With Her Ultimate When the Match Starts – Vantage Tips

Unlike every other Ultimate in the game, Vantage’s Sniper’s Mark essentially has “charges.” Every 40 seconds you will get a single bullet in her custom rifle up to a maximum of five rounds. Each of these rounds will do 50 damage to the body and 100 damage upon subsequent shots to that enemy while they’re marked. This means that Vantage can outright kill a foe with a level 1 EVO Shield in two bullets from her sniper.

Sniper’s Mark makes her terrifying at the beginning of a match, as she can deal a hefty amount of burst damage from relative safety. While you will want to be a bit more conservative with your rounds near the end of a match, let those bullets fly at the start! She can easily bully teams low on medical supplies or low-level shields.

Apex Legends Vantage Tips

Be Proactive with Echo – Vantage Tips

While it’s easy to only throw out Echo when you need to move, if you find yourself positioned somewhere you can just have Echo hang around somewhere else. This ensures that if we get pushed or need to quickly reposition somewhere else, you can just hold her Tactical and be on your way. Yes, your opponents can see the bat but there’s nothing they can really do about it. Echo cannot be killed or removed, so there’s very little downside to just leaving him out during a fight.

I especially like sending Echo onto a roof or high ground, giving me a place to escape and heal if I take too much damage. Remember, if Echo isn’t out you can just hold your Tactical button instead of tapping it to rocket towards wherever Echo flies to first! This can also help you save some time if you need to push a team or just want to get away from the fighting. Echo is very versatile, so don’t just keep him stowed away until you absolutely need to use your ability!

Apex Legends Vantage Tips

Run The Right Weapons and Gear – Vantage Tips

When it comes to playing Vantage, I see a lot of folks running sniper rifles. Yes, she can be quite deadly with with a Longbow or a Sentinel, Vantage’s bullet drop indicator is tied to the scopes, not the weapons. Personally, I like to run close and medium-range weapons with Vantage, while using her Sniper’s Mark as a way to damage enemies from afar. She is especially great with marksman weapons such as the G7 Scout, Triple Take, or 30-30 Repeater. Not only does her bullet drop indicator allow players to always know where to place their crosshairs, but these guns give you great medium to long-range engagement options.

I also really recommend carrying at least one Ultimate Accelerate in your bag. Using one will automatically give you two rounds of Sniper’s Mark, which can be critical during fights. These are also great to use at the beginning of a match since you can often kill someone early on with Sniper’s Mark and having a sudden influx of bullets can be surprisingly oppressive. You can see what my preferred loadout/inventory is in the photo above.

Apex Legends Vantage Tips

Know Your Role – Vantage Tips

When it comes to playing Vantage she is in an odd place as you can both be quite aggressive and passive when using her. Having a movement ability can lure a lot of folks into thinking she is in the same category as Wraith, Valkyrie, or Octane. However, Vantage’s movement ability is pretty predictable and a good player can easily shoot you during your relocation. Additionally, Vantage doesn’t have the smallest hitbox which can get you killed if you’re initiating a fight.

On the flip side, players won’t want to sit a mile away from their team with a sniper rifle unless they are supremely confident in their skills to consistently land shots. Because of this, I like to think of Vantage as a legend that can provide an opening for their team and then help capitalize on it. She is a terrific flanking legend, as Echo gives her the ability to obtain high ground or an angle on a team they might not be able to achieve. Since Echo Relocation has a 15-second cooldown, you can easily hop into an area, hurt an enemy, and move before they can fire back. Always be thinking about how to use the terrain to your advantage!