Apex Legends Twitch Prime Guide – Packs, Rewards, Skins

If Apex Legends is anything like Fortnite, we should see a whole lot more than one Twitch Prime pack in support of the game. For now, however, we’ve already got one with exclusive cosmetics for the battle royale sensation. These Twitch Prime packs usually contain cosmetics and skins for games like Fortnite, or a stack of loot boxes for titles like Overwatch. The first Apex Legends Twitch Prime pack is available now.

Apex Legends Twitch Prime Pack 1

When is the first Apex Legends Twitch Prime pack available? Well, you can snag it right now, actually! It contains the Legendary Omega Point skin for Pathfinder (Respawn sure does love to give its robot mascot exclusive cosmetics) along with five Apex Packs (i.e. loot boxes). Said Apex Packs are your run of the loot boxes that you can earn through playing the game. They do no, unfortunately, come with any exclusive rewards of their own.

All in all, the first Apex Legends Twitch Prime Pack is worth about $23 USD. Legendary skins in the game go for 1800 Apex Coins while Apex Packs — which can contain any cosmetic in the game and/or a stipend of the free currency — cost 100 each. This premium currency translates to roughly 100 coins per real-world dollar spent.

Obviously, the hope is that you get even better value out of the items you unbox! But there’s no guarantee. So some Apex Legends players are bound to get greater and lesser value out of their Apex Packs than others. Them’s the breaks, we’re afraid.

How to Redeem the Apex Legends Twitch Prime Pack

Redeeming your Twitch Prime loot is actually pretty easy! And, if you’ve already done it before for a different game, you should be somewhat familiar with the process. But take note: You can only redeem the Apex Legends Twitch Prime Pack on one platform. The exclusive cosmetics and loot boxes will appear on the first platform you log into Apex Legends on after setting things up.

  1. Go to this link and log into your Twitch account.
  2. Make sure your Twitch account is linked to your Origin, PlayStation Network, or Xbox Live account.
  3. Double check that the rewards are indeed claimed.
  4. Log in to the platform of your choice.
  5. Open your Apex Packs!
  6. (Optional) Pray you don’t get a Legendary Mozambique skin.

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