Apex Legends Sun Squad Guide – How to Earn Event Points

We’ve officially reached the halfway point of Season 16 in Apex Legends, which means it’s time for a new event. Dubbed “Sun Squad,” this one is all about relaxation and enjoying a beach day with the legends. Of course, it’s not all fun and games, as Sun Squad introduces a new game mode, cosmetics, and another heirloom for players to collect. This time Ash is getting an heirloom called the “Strongest Link” which are electrified nunchucks. Alternatively, there are also some rewards that players can unlock for free by just playing the game. Here’s how to earn points during Apex Legends’ Sun Squad event so you can take home a bunch of new cosmetics:

How to Get Apex Legends Sun Squad Points

You can earn points during the Sun Squad event by completing the Daily Event Challenges found in the Challenge Menu. These will update every day with new tasks for you to complete and are mostly pretty simple. They can include getting into the Top 10 four times, dealing damage, or just playing the game itself. Some of these challenges will also be tied to the new limited-time mode, Heatwave.

Every challenge you complete will earn you 200 Points, so if you complete every challenge, including the additional ones, you can obtain 1,600 Points a day. To earn everything, you’ll need a maximum of 5,000 Points — meaning you’ll need to finish 25 of these challenges (not including the additional damage ones) to earn everything this season. There is also a good chance you’ll get challenges for the new event mode, Heatwave.

Apex Legends Sun Squad Points

Remember that you cannot earn Sun Squad points by normally getting kills, winning games of Apex Legends, or completing battle pass challenges. The only way to earn them is by finishing the Sun Squad event challenges, so make sure to prioritize these every day when you log on. These are the only items you can earn for free. For those willing to open their wallets, Ash’s heirloom and a bunch of beach-themed skins are available. However, these aren’t cheap, as buying an heirloom outright costs around $160 dollars if you don’t have heirloom shards.

The Apex Legends Sun Squad event is currently live on all available platforms.