Apex Legends Pathfinder Class Guide – Abilities, Tips, Strengths

Apex Legends took the world by storm awfully quickly. The battle royale game from Respawn Entertainment gave the entire genre a shot in the arm seemingly overnight. And that’s partially thanks to the Apex Legends roster — a crew of characters with special abilities that make no two squads quite the same.

The upside is that mastering these characters is a lot of fun. The downside is that, even with a relatively small pool of legends to choose from, there’s a lot to learn. Every ability adds a new wrinkle to worry about. Which character is right for you? Which ones are the strongest? And just when will the next balance patch turn this all on its head? Well, we may not have all those answers, but we’re here with an Apex Legends Pathfinder guide to help you play the game’s requisite “funny robot” with aplomb.

Pathfinder, Forward Scout

Pathfinder has an interesting story in Apex Legends. He’s actually a “Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity,” or MRVN for short. The sentient machine doesn’t know who made him. Despite booting up decades ago — learning much and making many friends along the way — he’s no closer to finding his creator.

So he joined the Apex Games. Hopefully his rise through the ranks will draw the attention of whoever built him. Of course, the plucky android is happy to garner new experiences in the process.

Pathfinder Moveset in Apex Legends

Passive Ability: Insider Knowledge – Pathfinder gets a very snazzy, if necessarily situational passive ability. He can see wherever the circle will close on the Apex Legends map next. It’s perfect for predicting where to take your squad next — and get a head start on the competition.

Tactical Ability: Grappling Hook – Here we have your bog-standard grappling hook. It whips Pathfinder through the air to whatever location you designate at high speed.

Pathfinder Ultimate: Zipline Gun

Zipline Gun is, much like Pathfinder’s passive ability, useful for the entire team. He creates his own, custom zipline like the ones you can find all over the Apex Legends map. And unlike his Grappling Hook, Pathfinder’s allies can follow him up and down this wire at will.

Sure. It’s not the most directly powerful ultimate ability in Apex Legends. But it is awfully versatile. You can use it to escape firefights in a flash, travel great distances quickly, dodge the circle, and get up to vantage points.

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Pathfinder Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: Pathfinder is a big picture kind of legend. His passive and ultimate abilities allow him to put his team in the best positions possible. Meanwhile, Grappling Hook makes him hard to pin down and great at raising him to the high ground. Sniper players should keep an eye on Pathfinder — both as a potential pick and a potential rival.

Weaknesses: What Pathfinder gains in big picture tactics, he loses in direct combat. He can’t drop airstrikes, reduce visibility, increase his movement, or erect a shield like other Apex Legends characters. Positioning is important, but the grappling hook can launch you to places your squadmates can’t help you. Pings are hard to use when you’re under fire, after all. More than that, they’re not always up to the task of warning your teammates where the next circle will be.

Other Tips For Playing Pathfinder

Ziplines work both ways. You don’t have to just slide down a Pathfinder zipline. Any character can also use the wire to go up and reach high ground. Sometimes this can take you to otherwise unreachable sniping areas.

Communication is key. Since Pathfinder is all about positioning, it’s probably best to wear a headset. Don’t get me wrong; the Apex Legends ping system is amazing. But it still can’t compete with the granular information you can provide with good old fashioned talking.

Make sure to utilize the ping system, too! Even if you should have a mic, the Apex Legends ping system is great for visually identifying items and enemies. This gives squadmates markers for them to follow. It’s extremely helpful!

Use your maneuvrability to scout ahead. Pathfinder can get to a lot of higher places that other characters simply can’t. Use this to your advantage to safely scout out areas your squad is going into and warn them of a surprise.