Apex Legends New Weapon: Havoc Assault Rifle Guide

The Havoc is Apex Legends‘ latest (and so far only) new gun. As such, it’s sure to turn the game on its head just a bit, as players begin to tinker with the energy weapon and its game-changing attachments. Of course, you’ll need to actually get good with the new item, too. Even if you never find one, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with.

That’s why we’ve compiled this Apex Legends Havoc guide. It should give you a leg up on the competition! At the very least, you’ll know what to expect when this unique new weapon enters the playing field.

Even before we dive into the nitty gritty, the Havoc assault rifle is pretty interesting. It joins the Triple Take and Devotion as one of Apex Legends‘ energy weapons. That also means the Havoc uses the rarest ammo type in the game. So don’t let the automatic fire fool you. This is not something you want to just spray and pray.

That being said, it actually appears to have a pretty wide bullet pattern. So you might want to fire in bursts anyway — for accuracy’s sake if nothing else. Unfortunately, the weapon isn’t compatible with barrel stabilizer attachments to counteract the usual AR recoil. A stock will still help reduce aim drift when you shoot down the sights, though. And perhaps the gun doesn’t actually need to be that accurate. Apex Legends publisher EA claims the Havoc “joins the Hemlock as one of the arena’s highest damage-per-shot weapons in auto-fire mode.

Apex Legends Havoc Rifle Guide

That’s “in auto-fire mode,” mind you. We haven’t even gotten to the gun’s most distinctive ability. The Havoc rifle can switch from automatic fire to become a hitscan beam weapon. It’s the first of its kind in Apex Legends and sure to turn some heads as a result.

Of course, if you don’t actually know what hitscan means, that might not sound very impressive. But think of it this way: most of the guns in Apex Legends fire projectiles that take a split second to reach their target. “Hitscan” means that the Havoc beam lasers whatever it’s pointing at as soon as you pull the trigger. That’s sure to be a massive advantage for snipers and the like.

You can’t just pick up the Havoc and start frying foes, though. First you need to find a Selectfire Receiver — a “hop-up” weapon attachment that was previously exclusive to the Prowler. Speaking of which, the Havoc is also like the Devotion in that its auto-fire has a wind-up time. And you can use the previously Devotion-exclusive Turborcharger hop-up to eliminate that spin-up period. That should make the Havoc a much more effective weapon at close- to medium-range, as well.

Don’t forget about that Energy Ammo requirement, though. It’s seriously tricky to find out there in Apex Legends at the moment. To increase your odds of finding the proper gun food, check the death box of every opponent you eliminate. The more enemies you kill — and the more they killed before reaching you — the greater the odds that the rare bullets will funnel to you.

Apex Legends Havoc

Apex Legends Havoc Rifle Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: The Havoc is one of the most versatile weapons currently in Apex Legends. With the right attachment the weapon can turn into a deadly sniper rifle, or you can remove that spin-up time to make an effective close range weapon. The enemy not knowing how you’re going to use your Havoc adds the element of surprise, too.

Weaknesses: Energy ammo is very difficult to find, and is used by two other great weapons to boot. The Havoc is also the shiny new weapon everyone wants to try out, making an already scarce ammo type even harder to split up between your squadmates. Even if you’re the only one sporting a Havoc, though, you might find yourself out of ammo quick.

Tips For Using the Havoc Rifle in Apex Legends

Communicate with your squadmates that you need energy ammo. From the inventory screen, you can ping items, ammo, and more so your squadmates know what to look out for. This is super helpful for the rare energy ammo (assuming you don’t have a mic).

Account for whatever attachments you may or may not have. The Havoc is a great weapon, but you need to be able to take down foes no matter whether you have the right attachment or not. The other squad isn’t going to wait around until you get a Turbocharger! Learn the spin-up times to properly unleash your shots and down the enemy.

Grab a good backup weapon that does not use energy ammo. If you have bad luck, you might only have enough ammo for one or two rounds for the Havoc. Make sure to bring a decent secondary weapon with you as well!