Apex Legends Mirage Class Guide – Abilities, Tips, Strengths

Apex Legends sure took off quickly. The game snagged more than 10 million players in less than a week. Now it’s already one of the top contenders to the battle royale throne. But what about the characters themselves? One of the things that makes Apex Legends so interesting is its roster of different character classes, known as legends, and all the different abilities they bring. How do you figure out the right Apex Legends class for you? Is it Apex Legends‘ Mirage?

Mirage is one of the two premium characters available in the game at launch. He’s not the most directly damaging hero, since all of his abilities are based on illusions and cloaking, but he does open up some major possibilities. Specifically, you can trick your foes into thinking Mirage is still alive, or into exiting cover to “kill” a hologram. Then it’s time to sneak around and flank the unsuspecting suckers…

Mirage, Holographic Trickster

Mirage pretends to be a lot more callous than he really is. The illusionist started out life as the son of an engineer and the youngest of four brothers. When his siblings disappeared, he stuck around to help his mother and made ends meet as a bartender. It wasn’t the life he necessarily wanted, but he couldn’t just leave his mom behind… Not until she encouraged him to pursue his dreams.

Said dream involved joining the Apex Games: the cosmic bloodsport of the Apex Legends and Titanfall universe.  Now he’s more than just a contestant. Mirage is a bona fide superstar among the roster and uses his holographic skills to impress fans across the Frontier.

Mirage Moveset in Apex Legends

Much like his fellow premium character, Caustic, Mirage is an Apex Legends character built around a single theme. In this case that theme is illusions. All of his skills involve creating shadow clones of himself and cloaking to confusing enemies. That includes his passive, as well…

Passive Ability: Encore! – Mirage’s passive doesn’t have much offensive application, but it just might be one of the strongest defensive skills in the game — assuming you can fool your enemies. Any time Mirage takes enough damage to go down, his physical body becomes invisible for five seconds. Meanwhile, a hologram of himself will continue to run and make the enemy think he’s still alive. Just don’t put your Knockdown Shield up while you’re crawling away so you don’t get caught!

Tactical Ability: Psyche Out – This skill allows Mirage to create a holographic decoy of himself at will. It will do its best to act like a real human player, but be careful. If the enemy actually sees you cast Psyche Out there’s a good chance they’ll know who the real one is. Also, if Mirage’s mirage runs into a wall, he just stands still, so make sure the decoy has running room.

Mirage Ultimate: Vanishing Act

Vanishing Act is Mirage’s ultimate ability. It works like a superpowered version of his passive and active skills be creating a mass of decoys and cloaking the real Mirage. If an enemy gets close to this ring of decoys, they’ll shoot at the foe, as well.

Theoretically, that should buy you time (and confuse your enemies long enough) to escape and launch a counterattack. It won’t protect you from AoE attacks like grenades and Caustic’s Nox gas, however.

Apex Legends Mirage Guide

Mirage Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: Mirage is a very slippery character. Besides becoming invisible on a whim, and every time he goes down, he can also use his illusions to overload unwary players’ senses. Inexperienced players will likely have an especially hard time facing this trickster, and even veterans in the heat of the battle can get tripped up by Mirage’s tricks.

Weaknesses: Mirage relies on his ability to fool other players. That can be tricky since everyone knows Mirage is going to try and fool them. If you face a particularly thorough foe, or use your abilities in plain sight, your decoys are downright useless.

Other Tips For Playing Mirage

Work together with your teammates. More than just about any other hero, Mirage relies on teamwork with his Apex Legends squadmates. Use Bangalore’s smoke cloud or Caustic’s gas to conceal the moment you cast your decoys. Zip around with Pathfinder wires and Wraith portals. More than anything, you want to cause enough chaos for your allies to use their more offensive skills.

Use your decoys to find enemy hiding places. The best use of Psyche Out is in a wide open area, as the decoy will just start running forward. Not all of the decoy’s movements are natural, but a player seeing a foe running across their line of sight is pretty likely to coax them into firing.