Apex Legends Heirloom Guide – How to Get Ash’s Heirloom

We’ve officially reached the halfway point of Season 16 in Apex Legends, which means it’s time for a new event. Dubbed “Sun Squad,” this one is all about relaxation and enjoying a beach day with the legends. Of course, it’s not all fun and games, as Sun Squad introduces a new game mode, cosmetics, and another heirloom for players to collect. This time around everyone’s favorite robot ninja is getting a new toy she can smack players around with. Ash’s heirloom is the “Strongest Link” nunchucks which will cost quite a bit of real money if you want to buy them outright. Here’s how to unlock Ash’s heirloom in Apex Legends both during and after the Sun Squad event:

How to Get Ash’s Heirloom – Apex Legends

Sadly, there are still only two ways to earn Ash’s heirloom in Apex Legends. The first is during the Sun Squad event, which requires you to purchase every cosmetic item in the event tab via the Sun Squad Event Packs. Each pack guarantees you only one cosmetic from the event, however, you will never receive a duplicate. There’s also a higher chance to receive base legendary tier items. This means you will need to purchase a total of 24 loot boxes to unlock her heirloom. You can only buy Event Packs in either group of 10 for 7,000 Apex Coins or individually for 700 Apex Coins each.

Looking at the numbers, you would need to purchase $160 USD in Apex Coins just to have enough to buy all of the Event Packs. This, of course, assumes you bought two sets of ten and then the last four by themselves for 700 Coins each. You can reduce this price a little by purchasing the bundles in the Sun Squad event store, but it won’t save you much. Typically, the store is mainly for those who only want to buy specific, popular legend skins rather than the entire suite. If you don’t want to buy all of these loot boxes, you will have to go with the second option, which is to open up Apex Packs.

Apex Legends Ash Heirloom

Unfortunately, this isn’t ideal either. Heirloom Shards are guaranteed after opening 500 Apex Packs and have a very, very small chance of dropping before this milestone. Thankfully, Respawn Entertainment raised the level cap this season which means players will be able to earn over 400 additional Apex Packs if they hit the new max rank. While this will take a lot of time, it’s a way to eventually unlock Ash’s heirloom if you play enough. Just remember, if you are using Heirloom Shards you have to wait until the event ends to purchase it with this currency.

For the unfamiliar, the Sun Squad event introduces the new limited-time mode called Heat Wave. In this mode, players will need to be mindful of the sun as they battle it out as this star will periodically flare up throughout the course of a match. When this happens, users will need to take cover indoors otherwise they will start taking damage regardless of where they are outside. The only way to avoid being burned is by obtaining unique sunglasses that are dropped from Care Packages. Heatshields can also temporarily block the sun’s killer rays, but only briefly.

The Sun Squad event is currently live in Apex Legends on all available platforms.