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Apex Legends Gibraltar Class Guide – Abilities, Tips, Strengths

Apex Legends, the free-to-play battle royale title released by Respawn Entertainment, is already making a splash in the popular genre. Putting an emphasis on squad teamwork, Apex Legends truly stands out in a post-Fortnite world. Today we’re looking at our Apex Legends Gibraltar guide. The shield-bearing juggernaut is an absolute unit that can keep himself and his squad alive.

In order to be an asset to your squad, though, you need to know how your chosen character (or Legend) works. Our Apex Legends guides are here to help, giving you an overview of each class and the knowledge you need to survive.

Gibraltar, Shielded Fortress

Since his parents were two members of a search and rescue team in the Outlands, Gibraltar knows how to get people out of dangerous situations. Despite his knack for protecting and rescuing others, however, he took his skills for granted.

That all changed on one fateful day. Gibraltar and his boyfriend stole a motorcycle for an easygoing joyride, but ended up getting caught up in a mudslide. Gibraltar’s parents saved the two of them, but there was a price; his father ended up losing an arm. Since then, this Legend has devoted his life to protecting those in need.

Gibraltar Moveset in Apex Legends

As a tank, Gibraltar’s role in the battlefield is to draw fire and absorb damage. His class moveset fully supports this role, protecting himself and others with ease.

Passive Ability: Gun Shield – When you aim with your firearm, you’ll get a shield that can block some incoming fire. It’s perfect for pressing down on an enemy squad or distracting a foe while another squadmate goes in for the kill.

Tactical Ability: Dome of Protection – Like its name implies, plop this down to create a defensive dome that shields anyone within it for fifteen seconds. Enemies can still go in for melee attacks, though.

Apex Legends Gibraltar Guide

Gibraltar Ultimate: Defensive Bombardment

Defensive Bombardment might seem a little familiar. It’s quite a bit like Bangalore’s Ultimate, Rolling Thunder. With Gibraltar’s Ultimate, however, you’ll mark an area and summon a mortar airstrike on that spot. It takes a few seconds for the airstrike to go off, but when it does, mortars will drop from a concentrated area for several seconds to do damage.

This ultimate is overall a little more useful than Rolling Thunder. That’s mostly thanks to its more enclosed area of effect. Given Gibraltar’s role as a tank, it’s not too difficult to pull off in a gunfight. But due to the delay, it’s hard to time its usage if you’re only fighting one or two foes.

Gibraltar Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: Gibraltar has a range of skills that compliment his tank role very well. His passive and active moves are helpful in all situations, and the Legend’s Ultimate is good for pinning down enemies while allies either go in for the kill or reposition.

Weaknesses: Even with Apex Legends’ ping system, it’s hard to be an effective tank without a proper squad and communications. You can’t really help your squad if you don’t know one of your allies is pinned down. Also, while you can stop allies from taking damage with Dome of Protection, you can’t really do much to help them after they get hurt. That’s up to Lifeline.

Other Tips when Using Gibraltar

You’re the frontman of the squad; equip yourself to take damage. Of course, a decent firearm is important, but you’ll want to stock up on good armor, helmets, and healing items. Leave the best firearms for your damage dealing squadmates, so they can pick off enemies while they’re busy trying to kill you.

Don’t forget to aim. Don’t shoot from the hip with Gibraltar! The Gun Shield is invaluable and not using it whenever possible is just asking for a bad time in a firefight.

Use Dome of Protection at range. Gibraltar’s basic skill is incredible… unless someone waltzes in with a shotgun or melee finishers. You can use it to block long-range fire, but don’t rely on it to protect you up close. Speaking of which…

Know when to fight, defend, and resurrect. One of the best ways to use Dome of Protection is defending allies that get knocked down. That allows you or a teammate to resurrect them within relative safety. But you’re not invincible inside the bubble and reviving still takes a great deal of time. Don’t get complacent and try to heal your friends inside if there are enemies nearby. Instead, consider using it as a defensive frontline to fight back, or protect another ally while they do the resurrecting. Lifeline gets a passive speed boost to healing, FYI.

Stick with your squad. Your best strength is in protecting others. Don’t run off on your own in the battlefield, it might cost the squad the match.

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