Apex Legends Fragment Is Finally Getting Reworked in Season 17

Apex Legends’ Season 17 is almost here and we got a chance to experience a hands-off preview of all the new content on the way. While many will be excited to try the new legend, Ballistic, or experience the updated Ranked system, World’s Edge fans will notice the game’s most popular POI (point of interest), Fragment, has been completely reworked. That’s right, after years of going untouched, the sweatiest location in Apex Legends is becoming a new POI, and one of the key buildings has been moved to the other side of the map.

Starting off, Fragment West has been replaced with a new POI called Monument. A large museum dedicated to honoring the Apex Games, this area is broken up into the museum itself, a large monument where the market was initially located, and several surrounding buildings have been removed.  This makes the space far less claustrophobic and focused solely on building-to-building fighting. The museum will have a glass roof, a sniper tower that’s accessible via zipline, and is positioned in the northwest corner of Fragment.

The broken bridge connecting the west and east sides has also been repaired, so there won’t be an underground tunnel that squads can traverse anymore. This will make reaching the east side a little trickier since there appears to be less cover when making your way to the streamer building or train station. As for the large construction building, this has been entirely relocated to the POI formerly known as Lava City. Now called Stacks, many of the skyscrapers in this location have been removed for more construction-themed structures connecting to the central zip-line building.

Some smaller changes that Respawn detailed included a lot of lava cooling off and becoming traversable, adding a Vault near Skyhook, and creating a lower, central platform in Harvester. Mirage-a-Trois is also remaining, so make sure to check out this party vessel from time to time! We also learned that the Trials POI is getting a slight rework, although we don’t know what that looks like yet. I imagine it’s making sure the Prowlers drop ammo and attachments as they do on Stormpoint. Finally, all of those large gaps that players could fall into and get launched back out of have been removed.

Apex Legends Fragment changes and Season 17 is set to release on May 15th for all supported platforms.