Apex Legends Bloodhound Class Guide – Abilities, Tips, Strengths

Want to be a better squadmate in the recently released Apex Legends, but aren’t the best shot? That’s alright! There are other characters (or legends) you can try out! And not all of them require you to be the best fighter. Some Apex Legends characters provide utility that goes beyond straight-up damage.

One of these characters is Bloodhound, a tracker of unparalleled skill. Their utility based skills can keep a squad alive — even if you aren’t landing killing blows. Learn more about Bloodhound today in this Apex Legends class guide!

Bloodhound, Technological Tracker

Very little is known about Bloodhound — what they look like, how old they are, and most other information is shrouded in mystery. Wild rumors fly around about this hunter… But they’re nothing more than that: rumors. All that’s really known is that Bloodhound is a force to be reckoned with in the Apex Games. Calling upon the ancient Norse gods, Bloodhound is able to track down any foe and finish them off.

Bloodhound Moveset in Apex Legends

Bloodhound is a utility-based character. Their job is to track and find enemies for the rest of the squad to take out. A good Bloodhound player will use their Tactical skill frequently and point out enemies from afar to avoid ambushes. Of course, you can always set some traps of your own, too.

Passive Skill: Tracker – You’ll be able to find tracks on the ground (basically footprints) left behind by other squads. It’s helpful for keeping an eye out with Bloodhound’s Tactical skill.

Tactical Skill: Eye of the Allfather You’ll reveal traps, enemies, and other clues around buildings and other structures for a short time. You’ll also alert your squadmates of enemies and traps, making sure none of you will be caught by surprise.

Bloodhound Ultimate: Beast of the Hunt

Like the rest of Bloodhound’s skills, their Ultimate is made to make this Legend a better hunter. When activated, Beast of the Hunt lets you move faster. Your enemies also become outlined, making them that much easier to pick out and finish off.

It’s a great Ultimate for when you know enemies are nearby and you’re about to get into a gunfight! Having your enemies outlined makes it easy to snipe them from afar, too. Just make sure to launch it before the fight, not during it. The couple seconds it takes for the Ultimate to activate could end up killing you (as I learned the hard way).

Bloodhound Apex Legends Guide

Bloodhound Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: Bloodhound’s skills are incredibly useful in terms of its utility. While playing this character, your abilities allow you and your squad to see what’s ahead and prepare for any danger. When it comes to a battle royale like Apex Legends, that could be the key to turning everything to your favor and winning.

Weaknesses: Without real combat skills to speak of, Bloodhound doesn’t have anything special to do once they actually get into a firefight. Beast of the Hunt can be somewhat helpful, but overall you need to rely on your squadmates to pull off the flashy moves and gets the kills while you mainly lay down cover fire. Of course, setting up a good ambush can be a powerful weapon all by itself…

Other Tips For Playing Bloodhound

What type of gear you pick with Bloodhound doesn’t matter as much as with other characters. Their skills don’t really favor any particular style of combat. Just pick the weapons and items you like most — and make sure your more offensive squadmates get what they need. You don’t want to deprive your friends of the weapons and accessories they can make the most use of.

Your skills make you a scout. Stick out at the head of a squad (or right next to a tank like Gibraltar) and frequently use of Eye of the Allfather. In fact, you should basically use your basic skill every time it’s ready. This will make sure everyone’s ready for what’s ahead. Just make sure not to recklessly charge into danger once you find it.

Make sure to actually keep an eye out for tracks. They can be a bit easy to miss at times, and you’ll get distracted, but tracks can let you know when to keep an eye on your surrounding. An enemy squad could be nearby, or you might know to skip an area because it’s been looted already.