Apex Legends Battle Rank Guide – How to Earn Apex Battle Pass Ranks Quickly

The first Season of Apex Legends has begun, and with that comes the excitement of the Battle Pass. Similar to Fortnite’s Battle Pass, players will have to level up their rank throughout the season to earn unique rewards they can only get during that 90 day period. Some of these rewards are free, but the vast majority of them are locked behind the Pass, which costs 900 Apex Coins (or $9). Apex Legends’ Battle Pass is filled with unique skins and other goodies to incentivize players to cough up some cash and get to playing.

The Battle Pass has 100 ranks to work through. Once the season is over, the pass is done and any ranks or rewards you didn’t get will be gone forever. So if you want everything the Battle Pass has to offer (including exclusive character and weapon skins, some premium currency, a bunch of Apex packs, and more), you’re going to have to grind it out.

Each rank requires the same amount of experience — 29,500. While it’s comforting that the points needed to rank up doesn’t increase as it goes, it’s still a lot that’s needed for each rank. We have some tips to help you earn more experience below!

Understand the Best Methods of Experience Gain

Battle Pass experience is earned in the same manner as experience for your normal rank experience, so understanding how to maximize your experience for your normal levels can go a long way in netting Battle Rank Points.

First and foremost, for every second survived, you get six experience. That’s not a lot, and if you plan on surviving for a while, you’re probably going to need to do more than just sit around in a hut. You also gain experience for dealing damage, landing kills, and reviving or respawning allies. You can also gain experience when playing with friends, but you only get this bonus after hitting Rank 12 for the season.

Use Different Legends Regularly for Experience Bonuses

If you can reliably land kills, you can grab a 500 experience bonus for the first kill each day with each Legend. It’s a pretty big boon… if you’re good enough with all the Legends, that is.

In addition, using each Legend allows you to get extra experience, up to 25,000 extra points per Legend. It’s essentially just a bonus for using a particular character, and while the bonus is available, it essentially takes whatever experience you gained and doubles it for the battle points. Once you hit that 25,000 cap with a particular character, though, the experience gain for the Battle Pass will then essentially drop to being 1:1 with the experience gain for normal ranks.

This encourages players to use all the available Legends to maximize experience gain. It also encourages people to become more well-rounded in their play-styles, regardless of who is at the top of the tier lists.

Are There Have Challenges Where You Can Earn Battle Rank Experience?

At this time, there are unfortunately no challenges or extra quests you can take in order to get experience bonuses for the Battle Pass. This may eventually change for future passes, and may even change during the course of Season 1. For now, though, you’re stuck with grinding out survival time and kills.

Buy the Battle Pass Bundle

If you really want that rank 100 skin, but don’t quite have enough time to grind out the 2,920,500 experience needed to get there, there’s another option for you. You can pick up the Battle Pass Bundle. Costing 2,800 Apex Coins (or $28), the bundle unlocks the first 25 ranks of the pass for you and gives you all the rewards within. Time is money, after all, and this bundle understands that.