Anthem Tyrant Mine Guide: Stronghold Walkthrough

Part-way through the Anthem main story campaign, Corvus agents will task you with a new type of activity called Strongholds. Get familiar with them, because Strongholds are the focus of the Anthem endgame. That’s alright, though, because they’re also some of the most fun you can have in the game.

The first — and arguably best — Stronghold is called Tyrant Mine. Scars are somehow using acid in their weaponry and Corvus tasks you with finding out how and why. It’s time to take the fight to the Tyrant Mine in Anthem!

Silence the First Relic

Your first objective is to silence that big concert speaker-looking Shaper relic on the right side of the opening area. To do so, you need to collect eight Echoes: the glowing, floating orbs scattered around everywhere. Then bring them back to the pool beneath the Relic.

There’s one big problem, though — there’s an angry army of Scars in your way. You need to eliminate them to make things a bit easier. Waves of Scars will progressively spawn throughout the climb up through the area, impeding your progress.

Many of the Scars have shields (blue health bars above their red or yellow health bars), making them quite bullet spongey. To combat this, use Electric and Ice abilities to melt their shields quickly and get to their actual health. This is the only damage that’s permanent, since shields regenerate.

The first few Echoes will spawn down low, near the goal, but the rest are way up a ways on the ridge. As you traverse, though, more and stronger enemies will spawn. Take them down before continuing. That way you don’t get obliterated while trying to fly away with an Echo. You will have a much easier time!

Once eight Echoes are found and returned, the Relic will be silenced, and it’s time to move on to the second encounter.

Anthem Tyrant Mine 2

Silence the Second Relic

That last objective was pretty simple! The next one gets trickier. Continue on and follow the map marker to the next area. You have to silence an even bigger Relic in a much bigger area. This is one of the most difficult encounters in the whole Stronghold, so prepare for a fight.

The difficulty spike is partly thanks to a mess of turrets. They’re set up on high vantage points, giving them easy angles on your whole squad, so they are priority one.

Move your way around the left side of the canyon and disable the turrets one by one. Acid and fire are the best elements for killing turrets outright, since they’re armored. However, Ice abilities will freeze them in place and prevent them from shooting or aiming. That’s also the perfect primer for a combo to do massive damage. Use a Ranger combo if possible, since they do the most single-target damage. The turrets are too spread out to get much use out of the other Javelin combos.

As you move through the area, you will find more Echoes. Make sure to pick them up as you go, and hold on tight — wait until more enemies are cleared out and it’s safe to return them. Otherwise the turrets and many snipers lining the right side of the canyon can take you down quickly.

Enemies camp in the waters inside the main area, as well, so make sure to stay in cover whenever possible. Move around and eliminate them as necessary while hunting down the Echoes. And remember: You can only carry three Echoes at a time.

Once you return eight Echoes, another swarm of Scars will spawn. Only one of them is truly important, though. It’s the big, thick, shield-bearing enemy with a yellow healthbar named Gatekeeper. It appears at the top of the canyon, near the entrance into the Tyrant Mine.

Focus your fire on the Gatekeeper (preferably with Acid and Fire attacks). He will drop a key that opens four cages around the area. Each one holds one of the remaining four Echoes. Dunk the remaining Echoes in the Relic. Now you can finally grab loot from the chest that spawns in before moving deeper.

Gather Relic Fragments

Follow the next objective marker into the underground and prepare. It’s time to duke it out with some more Scars, as well as some creepy crawly Skorpions.

Move forward until you reach a drop to a platform with three new Shaper Relics. These Relics are of the “missing piece” variety, so it’s up to you and your team to hunt down the pieces — six in total, two for each of the three Relics — and put them back in place.

The six pieces are scattered at the ends of three different tunnels at the bottom of the area. Split into groups and hunt them down. But remember that you can’t fly would holding a fragment. You’ll need to run and jump your way back to the middle to implant them in the Relics. The Colossus shield is extremely useful here, since you can barrel through enemies — knocking them down or killing them in the process. If you have trouble making the trip back, assign a Colossus player to be the mule while a partner clears out enemies.

As you’re grabbing the pieces, a large wave of Scars will also spawn. So once you return to the middle, help out your teammates by taking them down as they fetch their own pieces. You should focus on the enemy generators that appear on the bottom floor, too. Otherwise you risk getting overrun.

Anthem Tyrant Mine 1

Charging the Relic

Once you silence the Relics, you can power up the platform in the middle by standing near it. There are just two issues. On the ground, endless Skorpions begin to spawn and flood up the walkway leading to your platform. And in the air, balls of lightning will appear to shock anyone standing in the air — instantly overheating allies that try to fly. That makes staying on the platform absolutely vital, since the only way back up is through the Skorpion infested ramp.

Have one or two teammates shoot down the lightning balls (preferably with guns that reload quickly). They respawn indefinitely, but only one at a time. So they’re easy to manage if you’re quick enough. On that note, each new ball starts with less-than-maximum health. So the faster you are the fewer shots it takes.

The rest of the team should focus on the Skorpions. On harder difficulties, you probably can’t kill them fast enough to stop them from crawling into the circle. But Storm Javelins can freeze combo them to the walkway while remaining on the platform. Meanwhile, Colossi can run up and down the ramp with their shields raised. Even if the bash attacks don’t kill the bugs, they will knock them flat on their backs for a spell. Although you will lose some speed charging the Relic without the whole team standing on it.

Once the meter is fully powered, the enemies will de-spawn! And of course a chest will appear in their place with even more loot. Grab your stuff and continue on to the final boss of the Tyrant Mine in Anthem.

Anthem Tyrant Mine 3

Anthem Tyrant Mine Boss: Swarm Tyrant

Drop down into the big area and brace yourself for the arrival of a massive Skorpion: the Swarm Tyrant.

As you should notice right away, the Swarm Tyrant has four large, bulbous weak points. Whether they’re poison sacs, stomachs, or just really big pimples, it doesn’t matter — this is where you want to focus your damage.

The Swarm Tyrant has a few different attacks: a long-range pounce, a long-range web-spray, a short-range melee, and a shimmy-shake that spawns in minor Skorpion enemies.

Empty your clips into the Tyrant’s weak points. If you manage to pop one while it’s standing on the ground, it will stun the Swarm Tyrant for several seconds. Try not to go overboard when it’s climbing around, however. You will not stun the boss if you pop a weak point while it’s climbing.

The boss starts climbing once you eliminate about half its health bar. It will scurry up through a hole in the ceiling and disappear for a bit. Its retreating shriek will cause a large wave of Skorpions to spawn from webbed up tunnels around the area. Use your compass to tell which direction they’re coming from. If you’re quick, you can use combos and ultimates to take them down while they’re trapped in the choke points formed by the tunnels. The Colossus Firewall Mortar is a great choice here. You can force the bugs to walk through the flames (and set themselves up for further combos).

Once the adds are dead, the Swarm Tyrant will fly back out. That means it’s time to DPS again. Just keep your distance, avoid adds, fly around, and deal damage as much as you can. It’s a pretty straightforward fight!

The Tyrant will soon leave the area again, repeating the process of spawning in adds and returning once they’re dead. Just keep dealing damage and killing adds as necessary, and this simple boss fight will soon end.

As the Tyrant dies, it will drop a hefty bounty of loot. Enjoy your new toys, and congrats on beating one of Anthem’s pinnacle activities!