Anthem Temple of Scar Guide: Stronghold Walkthrough

What happens when a massive Scar fuses itself with a tank and tries to create a Cataclysm? You get the Anthem Stronghold “The Temple of Scar.” That’s what!

The final two Strongholds available during the Anthem launch window unlock after the final main story mission, “Return to the Heart of Rage.” One of them is this dangerous raid on a large Scar base that features a challenging final boss and numerous objectives. So let’s take a look at our Temple of Scar Stronghold guide for tips on how to beat this tricky challenge!

Secure the Nest Entrance

The opening area of the Temple of Scar features three large turrets and a plethora of Scars. The first objective is to take the turrets down… which is what you should do anyway if you see them. Just focus the turrets down while protecting yourselves from the adds that spawn around the area. Remember that Ice attacks can disable them, Acid and Fire abilities will do bonus damage to them, and Ranger combos are great for taking down single targets.

A mess of alarms will sound once the three turrets go down. They will, in turn, attract a ton of new Scar enemies. Now your objective changes to disabling the klaxons. There are six alarms in total, so seek them out by their flashing red lights — then shoot them to stem the tide of spawning enemies.

Once the alarms are silenced, clear out the rest of the Scars in the area. Once they’re all dead, a Gatekeeper and a few more adds will finally spawn near the entrance. Focus your fire on the named boss! It will drop the key to let you inside the entrance to the Scar nest.

Anthem Temple of Scar 1

Restore Power to the Generator

Once inside, grab your loot from the chest and proceed deeper. It turns out those pesky Scars are smarter than they look; they’ve jammed the door that leads to the next area. Your new objective is to restore a power generator to reset and unlock the door .

To reset the generator and unlock the door, you need to grab fuel cells scattered around this large, enclosed area. These are the kind of items that don’t let you fly once you pick them up, too. Keep that in mind as you traverse the environment.

Designate one or two players to pick up the fuel cells. The rest of the team should clear out the ridiculous number of Scars that pile up: including Legendary Scar Enforcers (the toughest form of those enemies with front-facing metal shields). Use the proper damage types, Acid and Fire, to melt these armored enemies quickly. And just like with the turrets, Ice will stop them in place to let you hit the Enforcers’ weak points.

The door will open once you put all three fuel cells in the generator. That’s your cue to proceed even farther. Continue through the tunnels (and kill the handful of Scars that get in your way).

Destroy the Gate and Head into the Sewers

Uh oh! The Scars have locked you inside with them and their stinky rotten meats. It’s time for some good, old-fashioned explosions. This area is rife with difficult Scars and landmines. So clear out the mines whenever you have a second to breathe. That will save you from the embarrassing mistake of walking into one further down the line.

In order to destroy the locked gate blocking your way, you need to pick up and plant five explosives. This will cause (you guessed it) another massive wave of enemies to appear.

Combos are you friends here. On harder difficulties, particularly Grandmaster 1 and above, it’s not always about killing your foes right away. It’s about keeping yourselves alive and winning through attrition. That’s why ice combos emitted by Storm and Interceptor Javelins are so useful here. They can hold enemies in place and give you the breathing room you desperately need — especially against the onslaught of Elite and Legendary Scars that spawn. Likewise, the Colossus can use its sprinting shield charge to knock enemies down. Just be mindful that you don’t lose the shield and get staggered yourself.

Once the enemies are all dead, the door will blow, and you can move forward. Grab your loot and head into the sewers. The sewer system will, as you might have guessed, be filled with enemies and multiple turrets. Deal with them the same way you’ve done so far!

Eventually you will reach a very vertical area. At which point, the objective will change to destroying four more turrets in your way. Take down the turrets and the Scars in your path. Then you can head for the exit, approach a large door, and fight the many Scars protecting it.

Eliminate the Scars in your way and cross the bridge into the final room. Congratulations on making it this far! You’ve reached the final boss of the Temple of Scar Stronghold in Anthem. Its name is Scelos, and it’s a real pain.

Anthem Temple of Scar 2

Anthem Temple of Scar Stronghold Boss: Scelos

It’s time for one of the tougher and most extended boss fights in Anthem. Scelos is that big, ugly, spider-tank thing in the center of the room. You might remember fighting similar enemies like them before in the campaign, but none of those had defenses like this.

The first step is simple. Empty your clips into Scelos’s legs to destroy its armor. You won’t be able to for long, though, as three massive fans will extend out of the walls and create a shield. These render Scelos immune to damage. Not only that, but multiple waves of adds will spawn in around the area, including Elite and deadly Legendary enemies.

Your goal here is to shoot the glowing blue weak points of the shield generator fans to make them retract back into the wall. They take a decent amount of damage, and a long time to kill, but focus on clearing out the adds first. The minor foes will be a huge annoyance you don’t want to deal with during the next damage phase against Scelos.

Once the fans are gone, it’s time to burn Scelos again. Focus on the legs —  especially once its armor breaks — and deal massive weak point damage from afar. You’ll know if you’re landing critical hits when the damage numbers that float out of your foe turn yellow.

Scelos attacks include a primary turret (that will spray damage from a distance) and a lock-on laser attack (with the potential to one-shot you once it launches its payload). You must be ready to dodge at a moments notice — or raise your shield if you play the Colossus.

Keep dealing damage to the legs. Eventually, the shield generators will pop back out again, along with new enemy waves. It’s time to repeat the previous process all over again… The fans spawn back in whenever Scelos takes certain amounts of damage. So pay attention to his health bar and use it to gauge when the fans will pop out again. The fans will instantly kill you if you’re in their path when they pop back out.

The main strategy for this fight depends on the difficulty you’ve selected, too. At Grandmaster and higher, you want to take advantage of the natural cover placed around the area. Scelos’s attacks hurt a lot and you can’t always rely on your evasive abilities to protect you.

Focus on damaging Scelos’s legs, avoid the generator fans, kill adds, and stay in cover. Eventually the boss will die and a ton of new loot will be yours! Well done. You’ve just beaten the Temple of Scar Stronghold in Anthem.