Anthem Storm Class Guide: Abilities, Grenades, Strengths

The Anthem Storm Javelin is the game’s long-range class. Bring some weaponry that’s effective from afar, because the Javelin’s abilities are all meant to be cast at range. This Javelin is designed to float above the battle, calling down precision strikes like living artillery. In turn, this is a relatively weak class — almost more so than the Interceptor, because it doesn’t have close-range defense or great maneuverability.

Melee Ability

Fiery Strike: The Storm delivers an explosive palm blast that knocks back enemies. That ought to help you keep them at range!

Blast Seal Abilities

The Storm controls the elements, calling down strikes of lightning, ice, or flame to damage enemies within the blast range.

Lightning Strike: Calls down a strike of lightning that deals damage to all targets in the area.

Ice Storm: Create an ice storm that deals damage and builds up to a final explosion of… more frost damage.

Flame Burst: Causes a spontaneous explosion of flames in a given area. Think Lightning Strike, but with fire.

Rime Blast: Shoots out a bunch of ice spikes which can freeze close-range enemies. This is one of the Storm’s few abilities for fighting up close.

Living Flame: This burst of flame is smart enough to actually seek out and ignite targets.

Support Abilities

The Storm’s support abilities are similar to the Ranger. Rather than a full protective bubble, however, The Storm can create a Wind Wall that blocks damage from one particular angle. And while the Ranger’s Muster Point skill boosts ally weapon damage, the Storm’s Nexus gives additional cooldown reduction. So the two Anthem classes should complement each other nicely.

Wind Wall: Hey, League of Legends! You got your Yasuo in my Anthem. That is to say, this Wind Wall protects you and your teammates from incoming enemy fire — but only coming from a specific direction.

Nexus: This bubble provides cooldown reduction to allies within its radius.

Ordnance Abilities

There are no grenades here. The Storm replaces grenades with elemental projectiles and rays.

Hoarfrost Shards: Quickly fire ice spikes which can freeze a target.

Fireball: This fireball can either be sent out in small bursts, or in one larger orb that explodes.

Ball Lightning: This is similar to the fireball, except the orb has the ability to bounce off of walls. You know… as lightning balls do.

Glacial Beam: It’s a freeze ray. Not a death ray or an ice beam.

Arc Burst: This lightning blast will jump to nearby foes.

Ultimate Ability

Elemental Storm: This ultimate conjuration summons all of the in-game elements — fire, ice, and electricity — in multiple orbs of destruction. Overlap them to hit the same target, or spread the death balls out across multiple groups of enemies. At the end, the Storm calls down a giant object which crashes into the ground for one final explosion.

Storm Tips

  • Does not have double-jump, instead can glide by holding down the jump button.
  • You can hold down the jump button when descending to glide.
  • Can jump further by sprinting and jumping.
  • Can teleport on the ground or in the air to avoid attacks.
  • Has a spherical shield which protects it from effects and prevents the Storm from stumbling when hit.
  • When hovering, its shield is stronger and the suit takes decreased damage.
  • Can hover longer than any other Javelin.
  • The second-least agile suit.
  • Has strong firepower and area-of-effect attacks but has very low defense.

That’s all there is to know about the Ranger Javelin! Head on over to our Ranger guide to see what the next Anthem class has to offer.