Anthem Storm Build Guide: Best Loadouts, Javelin Gear, & Class Combos

A master of the elements and the skies, the Storm is arguably the best and most powerful Javelin all of Anthem. It can dominate from a distance thanks to its incredible set of gear, as well as its ability to float high above the battlefield for an extended period of time.

But you can’t always depend on a hodgepodge of random loot drops. The highest difficulties, called Grandmaster, demand serious loadouts. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best Storm loadouts for Anthem. Let’s take a look at them below!

Regardless of what Javelin you play, it’s important to know each of their abilities. This amazing chart (above) by Reddit user FireDragon04 lists every gear ability in Anthem, along with their element types, and whether they’re primers or detonators.

The Storm has two gear slots called Blast Seal and Focus Seal. Combining these two abilities is key in your success — whether flying solo in Freeplay to farm crafting materials or working in concert with a full team on Grandmaster Strongholds.

Each Javelin in Anthem adds its own unique effect to its combos. The Storm is no different. When the Storm triggers a combo, it spreads the elemental effect of the gear attack to nearby enemies in a wide area-of-effect. Our first suggested loadout for the Storm plays with that detail quite nicely.

“Mr. Freeze” – Anthem Storm Loadout

  • Blast Seal – Ice Storm (Primer)
  • Focus Seal – Glacial Spear (Detonator)
  • Support Seal – Quickening Field

When it comes to slowing down the flow of battle and controlling hordes of enemies, no element in Anthem is more useful than Ice. This loadout equips both Storm gear slots with Ice abilities — and it’s a devastating combination in the right hands.

Ice Storm might just be one of the best abilities in the game. Its short cooldown, coupled with the fact that brings three charges of area-of-effect iciness, means it is a constant threat to CPU baddies. That allows you to freeze and combo multiple enemies — or groups of enemies — at once.

Follow up an Ice Storm with a well-placed Glacial Spear. It will not only set off a powerful combo, but the Storm’s AoE spread combo ability will freeze any other enemies in the direct vicinity. That’s very useful given how much Anthem enemies love to bunch up. Skorpions in particular are in for a nasty surprise.

Not only that, but Ice abilities do 25 percent bonus damage against shields. Use Glacial Spear to take a chunk off any enemy’s shield (blue health bar that regenerates over time) with quickness, allowing you to get to their health and finish them off for good.

“A Song of Ice and Fire” – Anthem Storm Loadout

  • Blast Seal – Ice Blast (Primer)
  • Focus Seal – Burning Orb (Detonator)
  • Support Seal – Quickening Field

Whether you’re a big Game of Thrones fan, or you just like the idea of hurling elements at enemies, this Anthem loadout is a ton of fun.

Ice Blast is an awesome primer, gifting your Storm the ability to literally throw massive chunks of ice at enemies to freeze them in place. Meanwhile, Burning Orb can be spammed to throw mini fireballs for damage… Or charged up and thrown as one big fireball that detonates combos in a big explosion.

Make sure to use Storm’s Quickening Field Support Seal as much as possible with this loadout. It reduces your cooldown times (your allies’ as well) and makes up for the gear’s somewhat longer charge-up time. Stay within the Quickening Field to recharge your abilities faster, allowing you to wreak even more havoc.

“Shock and Brrrr!” – Anthem Storm Loadout

  • Blast Seal – Lightning Strike (Detonator)
  • Focus Seal – Frost Shards (Primer)
  • Support Seal – Wind Wall

You’ve heard of “Shock and Awe,” but “Shock and Brrrr!” is what governments of the world should really look into as a potential wartime tactic. There’s actually no better classic primer and detonator combo than the default one the Storm begins with in Anthem.

Frost Shards is another Ice ability, enabling you to rapidly fire 10 mini-shards of ice that track enemies. Depending on said enemy’s hit points, Frost Shards can freeze them in place (some enemies take more shard hits than others).

Once the enemy is frozen, follow it up with a Lightning Strike to set off a combo and immobilize the rest of the enemies in the area. If Lightning Strike is on cooldown, swoop in from your perch above the battlefield to hit it with a Fiery Strike melee attack. That will also set off a combo detonation, but it also puts your fragile Storm in danger.

This loadout is incredibly effective while floating high above the battle — just as the Storm was designed to do. So you’re only really vulnerable to ranged attacks. But you can mitigate those with the Wind Wall Support Seal, which creates a barrier that absorbs incoming projectiles. You can still shoot through it, however.

Sure, this is a simple combination. Any Storm player almost certainly tried it as they first started Anthem. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective.