Anthem Shaper Surge Event Guide – Exclusive Rewards

An Anthem live event is the chance to break away from the mundane. Each one makes slight tweaks to the world of Anthem — so far always in the Freeplay mode — and gives players something to do beside running Tyrant Mine over and over again. We know about three Anthem live events at the moment. But the most mysterious by far is called “Shaper Surge.” And, to be completely frank, we don’t know a lot about it.

Shaper Surge is an Anthem live event that was scheduled for Feb. 2019. Clearly, it never actually happened when it was supposed to. Or if it did, BioWare was exceptionally quiet about it. The studio didn’t announce anything or point players to exclusive rewards. Although the real story of the Shaper Surge might be a bit more complicated than that. Here’s what we know!

When is the Shaper Surge Event in Anthem?

This is a tricky question. As we mentioned above, the Anthem 90-day road map promised this event — along with Outlaw Outrage and There Be Giants — would launch in February. That apparently never happened. And now the February section of the Anthem road map, which promised the Shaper Surge event, is no longer on EA’s website.

That being said, some players speculate the live event did happen: twice. Once during the Anthem early access period, then again at the end of February, players noticed strange developments in the freeplay mode. As a matter of fact, so did we. Those pesky, floating clouds of electricity (the ones that overheat your thrusters in the Tyrant Mine Stronghold) spawned all over the open-world map. A number of Ash Titans also appeared where they don’t normally. This was never addressed by the game, however, and there was no sign of the exclusive live event rewards seen in Outlaw Outrage and There Be Giants.

Our best guess (and it is just a guess) is that Shaper Surge was bugged. There is certainly no shortage of Anthem glitches, after all. And perhaps BioWare simply chose not to draw attention to the issue while the company works on fixing other, more pressing matters.

All is not lost, however. Anthem‘s 90-day road map also makes one more mention of the Shaper Surge event. Specifically, it’s supposed to circle back for a few days sometime in April. It’s just not clear when in April. The road map does not specify dates for new Anthem content besides the general month. That said, the other two events will appear again sometime in March.

Anthem Shaper Surge

Shaper Surge Anthem Event Rewards

Just like everything else about the Shaper Surge event, it’s hard to say what rewards we’ll get. Although we can make some educated guesses. The previous two events both rewarded players with custom “vinyls.” That’s the game’s term for cosmetic patterns they can place over their Javelin’s paint job — basically like a big sticker. Considering the dearth of Anthem cosmetics at a moment, it’s definitely something players will want to work for.

And there you have it! That’s all we know about the Anthem Shaper Surge live event for now. But be sure to check back later. We’ll definitely update our guide with concrete information once it becomes available.