Anthem Season 1 Guide – Echoes of Reality, Cataclysms, & More

Anthem has finally arrived — and now it’s available on all consoles. Today marks the start of a new BioWare experience and, according to the developers, it’ll be a living, breathing one. A huge part of this is the Anthem gameplay calendar. We expect three big updates this year, split into separate acts. And Anthem Season 1, titled Echoes of Reality, will release sometime in March.

We don’t know a lot more than that at the moment. But we at Fanbyte have done our best to compile as much information about future Anthem updates as we can. You’ll find a list of everything BioWare has promised for Anthem Season 1 in this handy dandy guide below!

Anthem Season 1

We don’t yet know too much about what the update will hold, but BioWare promises new characters, new missions, and new stories. The company also released an infographic, shown above, that promises new events, rewards, and Strongholds (sort of like the Anthem equivalent of Strikes from Destiny). There’s also mention of quality of life improvements, an expanded progression system, as well as guilds and leaderboards.

Update 4/23/2019: BioWare’s Lead Producer and Head of Live Services has posted the following information on the Anthem subreddit.

While we have delivered many of the Act 1 features on time, we are not going to hit all the goals on our Act 1 Calendar.

We have been prioritizing things like bug fixes, stability and game flow over the new features of Act 1. We set aside time for this work, but the reality is there are more things to fix and improve than we planned for. While this is the best thing to do for the game, it means some items from the calendar will be delayed.

Features delayed:

  • Mastery System

  • Guilds

  • Legendary Missions – Phase II

  • Weekly Stronghold Challenge

  • Leaderboards

  • Some Freeplay Events

  • Cataclysm

We want to make sure everything we add to the game has a purpose and fits with our long term goals. When we have information to share on the items above, we will do so.


The Cataclysm is an important addition to the game and it’s currently a big focus for the team. The Cataclysm will bring new challenges and rewards and pushes the story of Anthem forward. As our work continues, we will share more with you in May.

February 2019 – Launch

Most of the updates in February will be quality of life improvements and bug fixes following the launch of the game.

BioWare promises recurring updates: including fixes, improvements, and optimizations, weekly alliance coin, daily, weekly, and monthly challenge updates, and the Prospero store refresh.

  • Outlaw Outrage – New Freeplay Event
  • There Be Giants – New Freeplay Event
  • Shaper Surge – New Freeplay Event

February will see three in-game events, one of which has already expired, Outlaw Outrage, which saw more outlaws spawn in Freeplay. One is currently live, There Be Giants which has placed four powerful, named Titans into Freeplay. The final event is called Shaper Surge. It has not been detailed yet.

March 2018 – Evolving World

In March 2019, BioWare will primarily deliver three big features. Elysian Stronghold Crates will arrive. These crates are placed at the end of each Stronghold and limited to one-per-player, per run. You’ll need a key to unlock these caches, which are filled with “random exhaustive” aesthetic items.

What that means is you’ll never get duplicates from these chests, which are filled with cosmetics. So far, BioWare has confirmed vinyls and emotes are included. Players are assuming there will likely be other items inside them, but nothing has been confirmed. Chest keys will be earned through daily and weekly challenges.

  • Elysian Stronghold Caches – New Cosmetics
  • New Items – Rewards
  • Legendary Missions – Phase 1 – New Missions
  • Cortex Locked – New Freeplay Event
  • There Be Giants – Freeplay Event
  • Outlaw Outrage – Freeplay Event
  • Cortex Locked – Freeplay Event

“Cortex Locked” appears to be the game’s phrase for “it’s a secret.” In the meantime, we know Legendary Missions will also debut. In short, you’ll be able to play through the main and side quest missions once again. BioWare says cutscenes won’t play and we don’t yet know what the rewards will be for this.

April 2019 – Stronger Together

In April, Anthem is getting a new mastery system, expanding the game’s progression. We expect this to be endgame focused considering that’s where the biggest wall is at the moment.

Phase 2 of the Legendary Missions effort will also arrive alongside The Sunken, an all new Stronghold.

  • Mastery System – Expanded Progression
  • New Items – Rewards
  • Cortex Locked – Freeplay Event
  • Cortex Locked – Freeplay Event
  • Cortex Locked – Freeplay Event
  • Shaper Surge – Freeplay Event
  • Cortex Locked – Freeplay Event
  • Cortex Locked – Freeplay Event
  • Cortex Locked – Freeplay Event
  • Legendary Missions – Phase II – New Missions
  • The Sunken – New Stronghold
  • Weekly Stronghold Challenge – Social Play
  • Leaderboards – Social Play
  • Guilds – Social Play

On the social front, we’ll finally get guilds, leaderboards, and a weekly Stronghold challenge to tackle with your friends.

May 2019 – The Cataclysm

Cataclysms are live events which change the environment. They were originally teased at the end of the Anthem public demo earlier this year. Anthem Cataclysms introduce things like extreme weather, dangerous creatures, and updates to the world itself. Think Fortnite — specifically that game’s willingness to completely turn its game world on its head. You might also liken the gameplay to Destiny raids. These are big, time-limited events with great rewards.

  • Cataclysm Starts!
  • Cortex Locked – Freeplay Event
  • Cortex Locked – New Missions
  • Rewards – New Items

Anthem Season 1 Details

Specifically, here’s what BioWare promises:

  • New events
  • Quality of life improvements
  • New Rewards – Weapons, gear, and items
  • Expanded progression system – We presume this will entail higher difficulty levels, more difficult encounters, and an increase to the level cap.
  • New Strongholds – High-level missions that require teamwork to overcome.
  • Guilds & Leaderboards – A way to organize your friends and players to make grouping up easier.
  • New Missions – New story missions with new characters and perhaps more encounters with current characters.
  • The First-Ever Cataclysm – A “world-changing event” that radically alters the current game.

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