Anthem Ranger Class Guide: Abilities, Grenades, Strengths

The Anthem Ranger class is the starting Javelin for all Freelancers (the game’s word for players). As such, the Ranger is a good all-around Javelin that specializes in dealing massive amounts of damage to single targets. If you want to kill bosses quickly, the Ranger Javelin might be for you!

Today we’re looking at all the different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of the starting Anthem class. Each Javelin (or powered armor suit) in the game has its own set of specialties. And just because the Ranger is the starter model, that doesn’t mean it lacks a specific function. Check out our guide for now and be sure to come back later when we update it with more details!

Melee Ability

Shock Mace: The Ranger swings an electrified mace, shocking enemies. If activated in mid-air, the Javelin will slam the mace into the ground, damaging nearby enemies.

Assault Launcher Abilities

No good Javelin is complete without a wrist-mounted projectile weapon. The Ranger’s launchers are entirely focused on dealing damage.

Homing Missile: Shoots a single missile that tracks the enemy as it closes in.

Energy Pulse: This blast hits a single enemy with a large amount of energy. 

Spark Beam: Take aim and fire a beam of energy. It is unknown as to whether this can only target one enemy, or if you can freely aim the Spark Beam.

Venom Darts: Shoot a volley of acidic darts which home in on a single target.

Blast Missile: No smart tracking here. This missile simply launches and explodes for large area-of-effect damage.

Support Abilities

The Ranger Javelin can deploy spherical fields which protect or buff allies within. Destiny players might find some similarities between these abilities and the “Titan Bubble” from that game.

Bulwark Point: This protective field deflects any incoming enemy projectiles — including rockets, bullets, and other abilities.

Muster Point: This bubble won’t protect those within, but it will boost weapon damage while you remain inside of it.

Grenade Abilities

The Ranger’s grenades can either further complement the Javelin’s ultimate ability, by giving you more crowd control, or they can double down on the idea of focusing down a single target.

Frag Grenade: It’s a frag grenade. It explodes, dealing explosive damage to nearby enemies. You probably know how this works!

Inferno Grenade: Sets enemies and the ground ablaze. It’s great for both crowd control and damaging bosses over time.

Frost Grenade: Flash freezes nearby enemies. They then become brittle and sometimes shatter when damaged.

Seeker Grenades: Destiny players will also be familiar with these. Rather than having one sustained burst, Seeker Grenades split into many tiny explosive devices which individually pursue enemies.

Sticky Bomb: Want to focus your damage on a single target? Sticky bombs will attach to a foe, exploding in a small, but powerful blast.

Ultimate Ability

Multi-Target Missile Battery: The Ranger rapidly targets multiple nearby enemies and launches 10 homing missiles. This ability is an excellent way to deal with large groups of enemies.

Ranger Tips

  • The Ranger has double-jump capability. Hold Space on the first jump to increase air time. This won’t increase air time on the second jump.
  • Can jump further by sprinting and jumping.
  • Has a dash that can be used on the ground and in the air.
  • Can barrel roll while flying to avoid locked-on projectiles.
  • Has an automated shield that regenerates a short time after not taking damage.
  • The second-most agile suit.
  • A jack-of-all-trades.

That’s all there is to know about the Ranger Javelin! Head on over to our Colossus guide to see what the next Anthem class has to offer.