Anthem Masterwork & Legendary Weapons Guide: All Weapons

Destiny and The Division have Exotics. Borderlands has Pearlescents. Now, Anthem has Masterworks. Well, technically there are both Anthem legendary weapons and Anthem masterwork weapons. The difference between the two isn’t huge. They’re just the same weapons with slightly different stats. Our Anthem Masterwork & Legendary weapons guide runs down all of the available weapons and their unique effects.

There are currently 27 Masterwork Anthem weapons — three for each weapon type. Bear in mind that certain weapon types are also exclusive to certain Javelins. For instance, only the Colossus can use Autocannons. So even if you get a Masterwork or Legendary weapon, there’s no guarantee it will work with the class you prefer!

Masterwork vs Legendary

It’s clear that Masterwork and Legendary weapons are the highest rarity guns in the game. But what’s the difference? There isn’t much of one, honestly.

Legendary weapons have the same perks as Masterworks, but the former come with better stats and inscriptions. In essence, it’s the difference between getting a very rare weapon and a “god roll.”

Each of the weapons below has a unique perk and four inscription slots. Inscriptions are the randomized bonuses that come with all weapons above common. For example, a weapon might increase magazine size, ammo drop chance, or weak point damage. Others might boost your luck, ultimate damage, or damage for one of your abilities.

Now let’s take a look at the Anthem Masterwork weapons themselves!

Masterwork Assault Rifles

Divine Vengeance

  • Upgraded Warden: Fires four-shot bursts. Every third weak point hit causes large fire explosions.

Elemental Rage

  • Upgraded Defender: Standard-issue Freelancer rifle.
  • Veteran’s Furor: Hitting Elite enemies temporarily increases all elemental damage. Stacks multiple times.

Ralner’s Blaze

  • Upgraded Hammerhead: Hardest hitter in assault class. A hit-streak will ignite targets.

Masterwork Marksman Rifles

Soothing Touch

  • Upgraded Anvil: Hits hard with a slight kickback.
  • Striker’s Balance: Scoring a hit temporarily reduces recoil.

Death From Above

  • Upgraded Guardian: Delivers a powerful three-shot burst.
  • Raptor’s Sense: Increases weak point damage while hovering.

Thunderbolt of Yvenia

Upgraded Scout: Basic semi-automatic rifle. Has a chance to deal large electric damage.

Masterwork Heavy Pistols

Close Encounter

  • Upgraded Barrage: Delivers an excellent rate of fire.
  • Scout’s Fury: Dashing temporarily increases weapon damage.

Avenging Herald

  • Upgraded Blastback: Handgun with solid striking force.
  • Raptor’s Deadeye: Hovering increases weapon’s damage.

Glorious Result

  • Upgraded Resolution: Fires a forceful one-two punch.
  • Gunslinger’s Fury: Hitting multiple enemy weak points will temporarily increase all weapon damage.

Masterwork Grenade Launchers

Sentinel’s Vengeance

  • Upgraded Aftershock: Grenade sticks to the enemy. Detonates an area acid effect after a kill-streak.

Insult And Injury

  • Upgraded Bombardier: Grenades bounce before exploding.
  • Victors Bulwark: Defeating an enemy clears harmful status effects and temporarily boosts effect resistance.

Balm of Gavinicus

  • Upgraded Lurker: Detonate mines manually. Hitting multiple enemies restores armor.

Masterwork Machine Pistols

Unending Battle

  • Upgraded Fulcrum: High rate of fire and solid striking power.
  • Gladiator’s Wrath: Hitting an Elite or higher enemy at point-blank range temporarily increases weapon and melee damage.

Vassa’s Surprise

  • Upgraded Hailstorm: Fastest, but least accurate machine pistol. Striking an enemy with melee restores ammo.

Retaliation of Garretus

  • Upgraded Trajector: Longer range with slightly lower rate of fire.
  • Gambler’s Wrath: Temporarily increases weapon’s damage when suit health declines.

Masterwork Shotguns

Radiant Fortress

  • Upgraded Constrictor: Holding the trigger focuses the sight. Hitting the majority of shots in a burst partially recharges shields.

Papa Pump

  • Upgraded Scattershot: Standard-issue lancer shotgun. Reloading this weapon increases force and delivers bonus damage.

Rolling Carnage

  • Upgraded Vengeance: Two-shell bursts hit hard.
  • Scout’s Advantage: Dashing temporarily increases weapon’s damage.

Masterwork Light Machine Guns

Renewed Courage

  • Upgraded Havoc: Fastest rate of fire in class.
  • Survivor’s Balance: Last shots reduce recoil.

Artinia’s Gambit

  • Upgraded Relentless: Most balanced gun in this class. Detonates a combo explosion in the area upon reloading.

Cycle of Pain

  • Upgraded Sledgehammer: Slower rate of fire with best striking power.
  • Marksman’s Swiftness: Weak point hits temporarily increase weapon rate of fire. Stacks multiple times.

Masterwork Autocannons

Fist of Stral

  • Upgraded Cloudburst: Excellent rate of fire.
  • Striker’s Fury: Hitting enemies temporarily increases weapon damage. Stacks multiple times.

The Last Stand

  • Upgraded Mauler: Heaviest hitter among autocannons.
  • Gambler’s Wrath: Temporarily increases all weapon damage when suit health declines.

Endless Siege

  • Upgraded Torrent: Accuracy improves the longer you fire. Base magazine size is increased by 100% and base damage is increased by 100%.

Masterwork Sniper Rifles

Wyvern Blitz

  • Upgraded Deadeye: Solid, well-balanced long-range rifle.
  • Raptor’s Sense: Hovering increases this weapon’s weak point damage.

Truth of Tarsis

  • Upgraded Devastator: Ammunition explodes on contact. Hitting weak points on enemies under a status effect will set off a chain combo.

Siege Breaker

  • Upgraded Whirlwind: Combination of assault and sniper rifles. A hit-streak will freeze the target.