Anthem Level Unlocks Guide – What Levels Do Javelins Unlock?

The Anthem is ringing loud and clear — at least for Origin Access Premier subscribers. Just like most other looter-shooters, you don’t unlock everything at once in BioWare’s Anthem. There are 30 levels to progress through and reaching certain marks unlocks new component slots, Javelins, and much more.

We don’t know what the entirety of the level curve is like, just yet. Although it’s safe to say it will take a good amount of time before you have every Javelin at your disposal. That’s why we’ve compiled a guide to leveling up in Anthem — as well as what you unlock and when. So let’s take a look at the specifics, shall we?

Anthem Level Unlocks

The key milestones in Anthem are levels 2, 8, 16, 26, and 30. So strive to hit those milestones for access to more Javelins and difficulty settings! Keep in mind that not everyone’s unlocks have to be the same. Anytime you unlock a new Javelin, you can select between the four advanced classes: Storm, Colossus, Ranger, and Interceptor. You should also know that the unlockable Ranger class is different from your starter. It’s more powerful than the opening mech suit by far.

Here’s a very basic breakdown of what you get and when:

  • Level 2 – New Javelin unlocked (player’s choice)
  • Level 3 – Weapon slot unlocked
  • Level 4 – Component slot unlocked
  • Level 5 – Support slot unlocked
  • Level 6 – Component slot unlocked
  • Level 8 – New Javelin unlocked (player’s choice)
  • Level 10 – Consumable slot unlocked
  • Level 12 – Component slot unlocked
  • Level 14 – Component slot unlocked
  • Level 16 – New Javelin unlocked (player’s choice)
  • Level 18 – Component slot unlocked
  • Level 20 – Consumable slot unocked
  • Level 23 – Component slot unlocked
  • Level 26 – New Javelin unlocked (final Javelin)
  • Level 30 – Consumable slot unlocked
  • Level 30 – Grandmaster difficulties unlocked

It’s also worth noting that you get better rewards for playing on higher difficulty levels. That means you get better chances at high-quality gear, but you also get an XP boost for playing on higher than the standard difficulty.

And, as usual for a loot game, levels aren’t everything. A lot of your power will come from random loot drops that occur when you kill certain kinds of enemies and complete missions. Since loot chances also increase with a mission’s difficulty, it’s important to unlock Grandmaster difficulty at level 30 (the basic level cap). This will increase your odds of getting better loot, thus increasing your power level beyond just having a higher level character.

Component Slots

Components are the main way of boosting your Javelin’s powers. Each of them have various primary effects. The Storm’s Elemental Attunement, for example, increases elemental damage resistance by 35%. Chaos Core increases blast damage by 35% of base value.

Each also increases the Javelin’s armor and shield numbers.

Finally, each component has a certain number of random traits depending on its rarity. Rare components, for example, provide one random trait such as +5% thruster speed or +18% pistol ammo.

In total, players can unlock six component slots per Javelin.

Consumable Slots

On the other hand, players can only unlock three consumable slots. Consumables can be created using Anthem’s crafting system. You will not earn consumables any other way. So if you want the one-time power boosts, you’ll need to build them with ember.

Each weapon type has a Sigil that increases the amount of damage and ammo capacity you have for it. Other Sigils boost your armor, health, shields, or even combo damage.

Most consumables are unlocked through Anthem’s Faction system.

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